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Monday, June 23, 2008
Epulz & D's wedding.

Yesterday, me and my old buddies, Bai and Aseng, went for a road trip to Penang for Epulz's wedding. We did some catching up in the car, where Aseng and Bai showed me their precious babies' pictures. The newly dads were stoked, and the babies look super kawaii. Aseng even told me that I'm his daughter's godfather and he wanted presents! Kiasu much? haha

(more pictures after the link...)

I didn't sleep the previous night because I just couldn't, so I selfishly slept all the way to Penang.I woke up when we were at the Penang Bridge and after some confusing moments, we reached the destination. Before that, we had a lunch at the original D'Kayu Nasi Kandar, whose food is like super delicious but the price is like, above average. I ate anyway coz it's not like we can eat there everyday. After that we went to the resting house, and guess what, I slept again like a dead cow.

Come evening, we departed for the event, which was at Dewan Penyayang, roughly translated as the Love Hall. How aptly named. The decor was amazing, and the three of us was seated in a table meant for 8 people. The bride and groom arrived with their entourage of cute lil' flower bearers and the party officially started. I must say that the bride and groom looked good with Epulz donned the Nehru collared black coat while D wore a beautiful white modern cut laced baju kurung. He was happy when he saw us, and he laughed when I flashed the west-coast sign. Represent!

The dinner was awesome, and the slide show of old photos even shown a naked baby Epulz. Like 2 hours later the party wrapped and we had some photography session where we posed in all fierceness. After wishing the best to the newlyweds and saying thank yous to the host, we headed back to KL which I happily slept all the way home.

So to Epulz and D, I wish you all the best in the world, and may you guys stay happy the rest of your life. Make babies!!!

I just woke up and snappy happy. Penang Bridge.

Aseng and Bai did the quick change in public.

Bride and groom's hobbit flower bearers.

Player no mo!

Altar of love.

Epulz and his mummy.

Pretending to be single. Oy! You guys got baby oledi!

Random midgets in tha hizzle!

I'm the last bachelor standing!

Last picture before I dozed off.

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