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Monday, June 16, 2008
The Four Fantastic Dragon Hulk Ballz.

I'm not sure why they even bothered to make Hulk happen. After the last so-so effort, I'm sure most people definitely turned off for another comic hero movie. Judging from the trailer, it looks like Iron Man and Ang Lee's Hulk rolled into one. I mean, Hulk has a face off with another hulk (Abomination), and Norton's Hulk looks exactly the same as Bana's Hulk but with better bouncy emo-ish bang.

And why in the world did they cast Edward Norton of all people? Although he's superb in American History X and Fight Club (and that's about it), I don't think he can bring this superhero thing. Eric Bana is still the best hulk. I heard they give a 'Batman Begins' treatment to the movie - trying to humanize the character, bla bla bla... It's great and all, but I like my superhero movies that doesn't try so hard to be an Academy winner. I like the earlier version of Batman, where colorful cartoon-ish character roaming the streets. And I think that's the reason why the first Fantastic Four movie a success. The just be what they are, a comic book movie.

On the other news, fans are buzzing that a dragon ball movie will be released and the actor is surprisingly a white boy that looks like Elijah Wood with big hair (not Hobbit big, literal dragon ball big). I get this hunch feeling that the movie going to be suck. Way to ruin a classic. At least I just hope that the movie doesn't drag too much like the cartoon series, and my fave character, Majin Bu will be in the film.Kame Hame HAAAAAAAA!!


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