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Monday, June 30, 2008
The Makeover

Follow the journey of a guy who decided to get a hair makeover for the first time and slowly morphing himself into a narcissistic queen of vain.

(story after link...)

I was struggling whether to write this down or not, oh what the hell.

I think my hair has an identity crisis. When I was small, I have a long straight hair despite my parents' common Asian wavy hair. Then somewhere in my primary school days, I decided (well my parents decided actually) to have a crew cut coz it's less messy and low maintenance. So every month for 10 years I visited my trusty Indian barber (props to Kedai Gunting Krishna) to get my routine haircut. Eventually I got sick of having a super short hair, so I grew it longer than usual, which when I realized that my hair had turned wavy like my parents'. It was also super hard and even harder to maintain. If I was feeling a lil' vain, I would comb my hair for hours, and if I wasn't feeling it, I would let my hair went wild medusa style.

People want what they can't have, and so do I. Sometimes I envied my friends who have long 'luscious' Pantene model worthy hair. Even worse, they make fun of my 'do. I just kept it cool, saying that they're just jealous of my 'fro, which is really a big fad in hip hop community... or so I thought.

I always thought about getting my hair straighten up, but after witnessing my friend's tragic DIY hair straightening result, I backed off. Seriously, they looked just horrible. Plus I thought they looked unnatural and to be honest, ridiculous.

Anyhow, last Saturday, as I was passing an empty hair saloon in Wangsa Maju, I decided to have a hair cut since my unruly hair starting to get really annoying. As I walked in, a Chinese guy greeted me and asked me my intention, and out of the blue, I blurted out, "Straight hair...". Quickly he agreed, and assigned not one, but two hairstylists to me (I guess considering the severity of the hair-cum-monster on my head). It was so damn quick, I had no time to react or rethink about my actions. I sat on the chair for 4 hours for treatments after treatments and washings after washings. A few flat iron sessions later, I was surprised on how long my hair actually was. The chatty and nice hairstylist (and his hot super kawaii assistant who almost burn my scalp with her flat iron) even demonstrated to me that my hair actually can be stretched half of the original length after the hair treatments. The front hair actually covered my face down to the nose level. When the hair covered my face I was a lil' freaked out coz I never have so much hair covering my five foreheads. I kept flicking my hair like them hair models in TV coz seriously, I felt harassed by my hair. I decided to have it trimmed a bit, coz emo hair does not jive well with office work. I'm not in the prostitution industry anyways. So after trimming, my new makeover unveiled, and I was very very happy. I kept my cool by not smiling to wide and acting like I was only half impressed. I know right, I'm a douche. And the bill was like, OMG! (I prefer not to reveal the price of my new hairstyle coz it's absolutely ridiculous - but it worth EVERY cents).

Soon as reach my friend's home (I crashed at Epulz house), I stared at the mirrors and said "You good looking motherfucker!". Haha kidding! I washed it coz the smell of the saloon's shampoo and hair product was too overpowering. Then I styled my hair with every drop of vanity I had in my bone. Damn, I got bangs now!

All in all, I am quite happy with my makeover. I look a lil bit different without that unruly mop on my head, but I think change is good.


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