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Saturday, June 14, 2008
Scarce Scare

Youtube is blocked by my office server. Suck. I am pissed. I think its not because of the porn surfing but actually caused by political videos, or so I heard. Seriously, is politics more harmful than porn? I totally thing so. I mean, thru porn, we can procreate and has beautiful out of wedlock children. Politics in the other hand...

Since there's no youtube, my officemates are scrambling to find another source of entertainment. So this is where the thumbdrive movies come in. They have been swapping movies and right now they are watching Congkak, a lame ass Malaysian made horror movie. I never watch it but I guess its about a family who came across a cursed Congkak and everyone in the family is possessed one by one. I know right... so original. I guess right now they are watching the exorcism scene bcoz of the (suppose to be) scary screaming and religious tag line mantras. Now I kinda get it why Malaysian Film Board once banned any local horror movie production. It's not that they afraid that the general Malaysian will have the sleepless nights after being spooked by the movies, but the religion exploitation that may happen during the filming, especially during the exorcism. Whether they like it or not, they have to include pseudo-religious exorcism rituals just because of the political correctness. And since I bet they do not have a deep budget, they just interpret the exorcism their way, abandoning the vital research and the actual exorcism rituals. That is why in these movies (especially Malay movies) these holy phrases are used as mantras in all classlessness, which I think is a total crap. However since the ban was lifted, classless horror movies keep popping out like the zits on teenagers face.

Don't be fooled, coz I love horror movies. My all time fave is Thailand's Nang Nak, a lovely tale of borderless love. Legend has it that this pregnant woman, Nang Nak, who died in labour woke up from the dead to be with her soldier husband. The lovey dovey parts are so beautiful but the scary parts are really creepy.

Other than that I thought The Sixth Sense is good, Sleepy Hollow is brills and I love the any zombie movies. The best zombie movie so far I think is Dawn of The Dead. Come to think about it, 28 Days and 28 Weeks Later is tha ILLEST dawg! Ahh.. I can't choose. Bottom line, zombies are great. A side note: don't shoot them on the head right away. Bust their knee caps first, then their hands. Look how funny they twitch. Be creative. Have fun. Zombies are fun to kill.

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  • At Sunday, June 15, 2008 1:13:00 PM, Blogger ikmaledris said…

    Youtube in my school pun kena block.. Not only that, myspace, friendster and other social sites..

    I heard that congkak best.. But dunno laa.. Theres no such thing as a GEMPAK horror malaysia film..

    Aint I rite?

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