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Thursday, June 19, 2008
update & Rachel Bilson sideboob picture.
I'm here to explore the posibillities of writing when I am sleepy. I jut got back from a breifing which ended in 11.30 pm. Yes, i know... hardcore! Anyway, just befor that I was like super busy and attenpted to cool my shit, trying to appear poise and cool and shit. There's was like so much to do with so little time, and everything that happened around me annoyed me to the max which is... whatever i forgot my point. Anyway before that, I was like so stress. I think I was going to die from stessness. And before that, I have everything placed and planned but as things always went here, everything went haywire from the get go. And who am I to fight the fate? I just went with the flow and shit. God I'm so sleepy, but I need to smoke one last cig. Anyway before that, this morning I woke up really late, coz I slept really early the day before yesterday, so i woke up in the mid night and cant sleep just before 7. I set the alarm to 7 am but I placed it too far from my bed, so when the alarm went off I was like, urgh wtf? I easily ignored the alarm and went to sleep until 9 am eventhough the alarm went off every 10 minutes. And when I reached my work place, I was like totally lying to the face of my boss, which surprisingly easier than before. Ok i really need to get some sleep. And there are pictures of Rachel Bilson after the jump. Who knew the annoying upper class bitch bff kinda girl would turned up so hot, so hot she's ready to be fucked silly. I'm fighting my super sleepiness. Gtg, i need to smoke first. Ciao!

i know rite...

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