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Saturday, July 19, 2008
Coffee Talks

It's the mid month and money has gone low. Inevitably I have to cut the shopping. It's funny when everything run out when you have no/lil money. My shampoo is almost empty (you know how much I love to shampoo), my cigarette's out, so I smoke the one I confiscated from my students. I know it's a douche thing to do, but what the hell, like, I don't care.

I woke up around 5pm and made some quaker-oat. I made half a bowl and then a cup of super sweet coffee, my fave. I didn't finish the quaker oats tho. I never finish them. It tastes great in the first 5 spoons, but then it started to feel like you are eating baby shits.

Sometimes I love to hang out at those pretentious Starbucks/Coffee Bean/San Francisco cafes, watching people walking by hating us. Yeah keep walking teh tarik people. Anyways, I have no clue on what to order... mochachino? Frappuchino? Small, grande, venti? ice blended? Whatever... I mean I have no favorite. I'll drink anything. Luckily they have those picture thingy, so I just pointed to whatever that looks refreshing and foamy and creamy, and then they will ask questions, and I'll just answer them with random answers. One thing I noticed is that them baristas are getting better. I mean they are more polite then baristas from like 5 years ago. They used to be indifference sour faced bitches, who look down on you. I guess they were fired and now working as hookers or whatever. I came across this tumblr written by a barista at a starbuck coffee somewhere. It's an interesting read. You can visit her here (http://147xxxx.tumblr.com/).

I have nothing to do. I'll think about something.


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