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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Today I think I want to talk about education, particularly Malaysian education. I read somewhere that Malaysian education system is one of the best in the world, where children and teenagers are forced to memorize facts and given a written test every 5 seconds. The one who scored straight A's in these papers are the school's heroes even though mostly they are hated outside school compound. Don't mess with the stupid children, they are full of hateration. I bet the same trend goes with schools in other Asian countries, where children are beaten to death by barren teachers and gold digger step mothers if they can't score an A+ in the exams.

Now lets take our view to the American education system, where in movies, you can do pretty much anything (including killing your own friends - ask Buffy), and the only rule you have to follow is to clear the hallway once the bell ring. Sure most of them ended up being pregnant or a drug dealer or something, but hey, most of MIT, Havard and Princeton undergrads are Americans. They are also taught to follow their dreams since they are a lil' kid, the nerds will be NASA scientists, the gun wielding farm boys will turned out to be a high ranking military guy, the jocks will ended up earning multimillion dollar sports contract and the cheerleaders will become an even skankier famous celebrities. Ok a lil' exaggeration but you get what I mean right?

So all I'm saying is that... nothing. We're fucked actually. We asians have to be really intelligent to be successful coz cleverness equals high paying job equals money equals definition of successfullness in major part of Asia. We're fucked coz we're genetically weak (scratch sports superstardomship away), our look can't sell internationally in the entertainment business (read: ugly), we can't afford to go to the moon (hitchhiking russian's shuttle doesn't count), we definitely can't win a modern war (strike global domination) and we envied our own people's happiness and advancement (about 55% of our DNA consisted of jealousy-protein strand). We are monkeys. The happy and contented monkeys.


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