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Saturday, July 19, 2008
Memory Lane: 90's Music

Music plays a big role in my life. My dad was in a band, so does my uncles, it just I never see them played together. Unlike me, my dad is a guitar hero. I'm more to a drummer guy coz I don't like attention and I can't play guitar fo shizzle.

Right now I'm listening to 90's rock songs, which most of them I never heard before (yay for my sentence structure... I'm too lazy to fully utilize my brain). Pearl Jam is such an awesome band. Jeremy is a big commercial hit. Black is a classic (and my personal favorite) and Alive is a gem. Eddie Vedder's voice is how every man should sound.

I'm digging Nine Inch Nails eventhough I never cared about it before. My fav is We're In This Together which is a bliss. Hurt is heartwrencingly good and Closer is just like weird but in a good way.

Nirvana... last time I check, Kurt Cobain is still dead, and they're still awesome.

Like butter, Radiohead's Police Karma melts in my ears. Not all Radiohead's experimental electronica is listenable (unless you are a hardcore Radiohead's fan), however some gems like Creep, High and Dry and Paranoid Android.

And there's no 90's if there's no Alice In Chains. I personally love Nutshell, Man in The Box and Rooster. And with songs like Loser and Where It's At, Beck is legendary in his genre.

I actually had Third Eyed Blind's first album which is all killer. Semi Charmed Life, How It's Going To Be and Jumper were their monster hits. And when I realized that they wrote all of the songs in it, I somehow felt it was a very personal thing to do, and I thank them for that.

Red Hot Chili Peppers is one of the band that defines 90's music. Songs like Give It Away and Under The Bridge are some of their instant classic. Stone Temple Pilots's Interstate Love Song and Plush are as just classic as RHCP's.

And I have to admit that I listen to 'NSYNC in the late 90's. Shameless...

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