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Wednesday, July 02, 2008
smell as good

this is a secret, but because i decided to post it in this blog, i guess it's relegated into half a secret.

i have many pseudo names, and each name will determine what character i will have to the person who call me the said name or whatever i'm losing my point.... anyway, this is some personality i think i have when somebody called me a certain name

K********(my real name)- basically a formal name which i have a lovehate relationships to. usually i will be the politest (but cold) in this name, coz it's formal. duh!

K****(variation of my real name)- used by my family members and old friends and that's it. i hate it when strangers call me that name because i feel that they dont deserve to call me that. its reserved for the people i love. i am the most real with this name. just me.

D***(my first pseudo name)- power hungry, shameless, naive, quite a player

K***(the coolest pseudo name) - i am the coolest when i use this name. used by friends i picked up in my 'hey days'. a totally chill dude, not afraid to laugh or be laughed, don't really care about what others think

K**(hockey name)- as you probably already guessed, this is my 'jock' name. the name used by my team mates and new friends i gathered in my latter years of college. still a chill dude, but you dont really want to fuck with me in this name, coz i will def fuck you up.

B*- my slut name.

R***(blog name)-a total jerk, perv, sometimes sensitive but mostly ignorant, free spirited, but too free i think.

G*****(funny name)-my parents used this name when they want to refer to me in their conversation. the told me that i created this name when i was a baby. each of my siblings has their own funny name.

M*****F*****(personal name)- a name i use when i talk to myself.

K****(decoy name)-random name i give to strangers i dont wish to have a relationship with.

A****J*****(chat name)-when i need to be anonymous in the cyber space.


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  • At Wednesday, July 02, 2008 4:56:00 AM, Blogger hati batu said…

    you'd be surprised to get to know the real hati batu yet alone meet my other personalities! haha

    this is the internet and it's the only place where i can be anyone i like and speak my mind out!

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