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Saturday, July 12, 2008
Storm Cometh

It was compulsory for me to go to the company's seminar thingy and I totally welcomed it since the working environment had not been rosy around here lately. I figured that it will be a motivational thingy so I was quite ready for it.

I met the other workers from other branches and since I only knew like only a handful of them, so it was naturally an awkward moment for me. I blend in just fine and everybody was cool and nice. The seminar went pretty well, where we had to do childish things like dancing and singing which was quite embarrassing to be honest. Anyway I got thru it with my balls and dignity still safely intact.

Right after the closing of the seminar, I went straight to my big boss office to discuss about my transfer request I sent months ago. I hate working here in Nilai, and since my new bitchy boss took control things just gotten worse. Although in my letter I said that I just want to venture into new field, but actually the main reason I asked for a transfer were to get away from intolerable super-bitch boss and I want to get close with my friends since all of them live and work in KL.

In the meeting my big boss laid it out to me. Basically he said that he decided to transfer my mean boss to KL branch instead because obviously everyone hated her here. I was so bummed. Bitch steal my place. I hate her even more. However my big boss said that he will make me the branch manager here in Nilai to replace my boss place. He said he can transfer me if i really want to work in KL but I have to take my previous job which pretty much a demotion.

I was at a junction. Should I stay repairing the damages made by my stupid arrogant bitch boss but given a complete control of my job, OR move to KL which is pretty much stuck together again with her? Since I HATE her that much, I decided to stick around for a some times and actually never have to see her again. She'll be gone in a month or so and I can't fucking wait. And I have to work today, but I couldn't bring myself to see her face, so I skipped work. All these hateration is tiring but I can't help it.

Other than re building bridges my fugly worthless boss burned, I worry about how can I manage this branch. Me and my coworkers aren't exactly bff's and I haven't talked to them that much. I have this reputation of cold serious quiet guy who never laugh at their jokes. Should I break my image and be this weird chirpy guy or should I keep my Anna Wintour straight faced persona? I think I'm shopping for Prada.

I hope that everything goes smoothly (but I strongly doubt that). I'm losing my faith.


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