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Tuesday, July 08, 2008
Stray dog

The world seem to be really caught up with the generation Y's mantra "think outside the box", which really means think differently and move away from the boring homogeneous flow we've been swept into. This is the age where being unique is cool and originality defines a new age enlightened mind. And I call it BULLSHIT!

I was a huge follower of hyped idealistic. Since I was a kid, I went through road less traveled and I brave against the current of political correctness. I always separate myself from the the pack, so I could embody the true definition of uniqueness.

I always tried to find the negative view on everything so that I have a different view from the others. As my friends hysterically supports the left wing political agenda, because they thought it's cool, I converted myself into a right wing man. While my friends praised indie rock bands, I gladly worship mainstream pop acts just to ire them. I usually tried to dress sharp and neat because all of my friends tried to be different by dressing shabbily or casually, which ironically they did look the same.

I was the only person of my age/batch in the varsity hockey team. I am the only guy in the classroom full of girls in my university core course. I am the only person of my age in the paramedic volunteer service unit I participated in. Bottom line, I'm always alone.

And you know what? At the end I was left alone. Not in the literal kind of way, coz I still have my choosen circle of friends, but more in a spiritual kinda way. I feel I'm always two steps behind of everybody. Most of my friends have their own family, house, car (all loaned by the way), steady fulfilling dream job, whilst I stucked rotting in this dead end. It's so not worth it.

So to all aspiring unique beings, turn around before it's too late. Homogeniety is the only way to go.


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  • At Tuesday, July 08, 2008 9:51:00 AM, Blogger Jumping Jane. said…

    Encik Kamal, being unique comes naturally, and when the other people wants to merge in, that's when you want to separate. I'd prefer to worship the oldies though. And I know, what is with kids and indie rock bands anyway? Sigh.

    Don't feel two steps behind. I guess Allah S.W.T has just another road for you. Light up!

  • At Tuesday, July 08, 2008 10:19:00 AM, Blogger hati batu said…

    Being uncool is always cool for me. I was never the cool kid but in my uncool ways I was the cool one cos my interests were always different. Sometimes people try too hard to be cool which makes them pathetic.

    And yeah JumpingJane I don't understand what's with the hype about these indie groups. They're suppose to be underground but at the same time they're so overrated?

    Btw, if you want changes in your life then start to take charge and be in control! Change doesn't happen by just hoping for it. It comes with hard work.

    Now you see why I don't buy Obama's rhetoric!

  • At Tuesday, July 08, 2008 1:31:00 PM, Blogger Roronoa Zoro said…

    jane thanks for the kind words

    hati batu... we can change, yes we can!

  • At Wednesday, July 09, 2008 1:56:00 AM, Blogger Jumping Jane. said…

    Overrated itself is overrated.
    And "indie" losses its value.

    Kamal, lapar. Nasi lemak ayam goreng satu!

  • At Thursday, July 10, 2008 12:54:00 AM, Blogger xamadx said…

    ur better than me. at least u have certain guidelines in life. just stay the way u are. u never know what tomorrow would bring. as long as ur happy than that's good enough. but i dunno wtr ur a happy man or not. haha, this entry told me that ur not. cheer up gay, cheer up! hehe..peace abg kamal yg hensem.

  • At Tuesday, July 15, 2008 10:44:00 PM, Blogger Roronoa Zoro said…

    yea, i miss your ass too amad

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