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Friday, July 25, 2008
Supreme Soul
I love America's Best Dance Crew show on MTV even though obviously the show still hasn't reached our shores yet. Basically it is a reality show searching for America's best dance crew. This is where I discovered Jabbawockeez crew, and has been their biggest fan ever since.

Picking up momentum from season one, MTV decided to move on to the second season literally right after the first season ended. New faces came up bringing a whole lot of new dramas.

Reppin west coast, Supreme Soul started off with a bad reputation when they said that they defeated the America's sweetheart, Jabbawockeez in a battle, to which upset the whole JWZ universe. From thereon, they were categorized as the show 'villains'.

I must say that they killed it in the first week and were dubbed as the shoo in new champ. However in they failed to live up to their first impression where their routine style failed to reach the audience and ultimately the judges. Response had been luke warm, and week to week they slipped until they dropped into the bottom two places. This week, they were in the bottom two with another west coast (and the show) power house, Super Cr3w. And they met their untimely elimination.

It was an emotional moment for the whole show and fans as we were forced to witness the painfull breakdown of Supreme Soul crew. I must say that the whole thing, watching Kool Raul and Frost cried and everyone else trying to pull a brave face is heart breaking.

Other than the mistranslated confidence for being cocky, fans pointing the blame towards Shane Sparks for ousting them as the bad guys. In the first episode, Shane brought up the issue and insisted the real answer, to which team leader Pharcide stepped up and told everyone that they won against JWZ in the battle. Other than that, rumor has it that MTV rigged the voting deal so that no crew from the same area battled each other in the finals, so they can gain more ratings and shit. Honestly I dunno.

I must admit, initially I was a Supreme Soul hater coz of the whole JWZ battle deal. And IMHO, they didn't stand a chance against JWZ. ButI think their routines are interesting and memorable. When I downloaded my favorite performances video clips of the show (illegally of coz), I realized that I downloaded SS the most. And after watching their elimination, I feel bad for them, and changed my mind about them. They're just another crew hustlin to win the whole thing, like everybody else. And circumstances got in the way.

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