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Sunday, July 27, 2008
Wanted: Jabbawockeez T-Shirts
Damn you super cute girl !

Today I have a mission which is to get jabbawockeez t-shirt. A few weeks ago my friend told me that there are some jabbawockeez t-shirts at Star Hill area, and I've been dreaming to get my hands on them ever since. I went to KL by commuter train and monorail and went straight for my agenda. Since Sungei Wang Plaza (which literally translated into 'the river of money') is the place in Malaysia to get the best hip-hop and Japanese inspired outfits, I headed there, not really sure on how to get the t-shirts.

So I went into every shop and asked for the shirt to which most of the shopkeepers returned a confused look (obviously Jabbawockkez is still unheard of here, YET!). But I kept on looking until I reached a cool shop selling rhinestone laced shirts. A super cute chick greeted me, and I was instantly captivated by her kawaii-ness. I asked about the shirts, and she said she didn't know, and then she went promoting her stuffs. Later I realized that the store sells ORIGINAL FAKE outfits, a brand I've heard some times ago. At first I was like just checking the stuffs out just to be nice to the hawt chick. I mean, the designs are cool and everything but I didn't planned to buy those shirts because they are too flashy and stuff. There's some bling'd t-shirts, hooded jackets , some nice pants and stuff.

Then my eyes laid on this super awesome jacket. Girls dig shoes, and make-ups, and dresses. And I dig jackets! I never can have enough jackets. The jacket is black and made out of this pin-stripped leathery fabric, so it sparkles when the lights hit it. The same goes with the inside trimming, complete with a pocket at the inner left chest area. In the front, there are four pockets, the upper two pockets are furnished with vertical zips and the lower two pockets are completed with big shining metal buttons.

She told me that the jackets were exclusively sent from Japan, and extremely rare, so rare she can't give discount only on this item. And the price tag? A whopping $228. After much contemplating, and a try-on (to which the jacket fits me purrfectly), I brought the jacket under her spellbinding cuteness.

After that I kept on looking for the JWZ shirts but I couldn't find it. In between that, I tried on many other jackets and sweaters, but most of them came too small for me. I don't understand it because I'm a lean tall man, but when I tried the jackets most of them were tight in the shoulder and chest area, to which the sleeves will always fell shorter than it have to be.

After the disappointing search, I decided to conclude my shopping and before I went off, I hopped into this accessory shop to buy a belt. The shop turned out to sell party stuffs too, like masquerade masks, halloween masks, assortments of weird cool hats and stuff. Then I spotted a full face white mask, the one JWZ use, and I brought it straight away even though it costs me $20.

It was a tiring day. But I'll come back next week to continue the search of Jabbawockeez T-Shirts. And as I'm typing this, I'm wearing the coolest jacket to keep me warm from the chilly air-conditioned room. Don't hate!


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