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Sunday, July 20, 2008
Wanted Movie case study: Why Angelina Jolis is THE Perfect Woman.

Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman are the bad guys. And yes they both died in the end.

Oops did I spoiled it up for you. I should've say "Spoiler alert" shouldn't I?

Anyway, Wanted starring James Mc Ahoy there McAvoy, Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman is the bad-ass-est movie of all time. With death toll including a full boarded train, a factoryfull of textile workers, several assassinated bad guys, some unfortunate now wingless flies, and a truckload of suicide-bomber rodents, it's one of the goriest mass murder fest evah. I feel very satisfied.

The story revolves around Wesley Gibson who was stuck with a dead end job, which pretty much describes yours truly. Then he was picked by this group of assassins who collectively called themselves 'The Fraternity'. I know right, so 'creative'. After several periods of 'hazings', pun intended, he transformed into a bumbling killing machine that can 'curve bullet' like *snap* that. He eventually get the chance to kill his father's murderer, only to discover that his father's murderer IS his real father, which make his mentor the real bad guys. So he went on Rambo mode and kill them all.

I must say Angelina Jolie aside, this is a man's movie or as I call it 'the Dick Flick'. Women characters in this film are either morbidly obese or sluts, and Angelina Jolie serves the ideal fantasy of every masochistic tendency in us. Angelina Jolie is almost perfect in this movie. Sexy, thin, hot, beautiful, bad-ass, don't mind being naked, and most importantly, only talk when necessary. However I have to surrender to the fact that there's no chance in hell this breed of woman exist. A man can only dream.

And another cool thing in this movie is Morgan Freeman actually said "Motherfucker" in a gangsta kinda way.

My rating for this movie? 5 penis shaped stars.


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