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Tuesday, August 12, 2008
The Mist

I watched The Mist yesterday with low expectations since it didn't make huge box office collection, which usually translate the suckiness of the movie. And by the end credits, I was totally mesmerized by the story and the idea behind it. Adapted from a Stephen King's novel, by the same name, it explores the behavior of a group of people confined in a place and put under duress.

Although David (Thomas Jane) is the anchor of this movie, I was more interested by Ms. Carmody (Marcia Gay Harden) character, a bible wielding preacher. Her character has grown from a mere gossip, to a small talking pest, and eventually a cult leader, within a day. She represents the fools of the world who use religion as an excuse for power. When you have self-righteousness, you can achieve anything.

The monsters in this film were cleverly shrouded with mists and mysteries. Their identity were revealed bit by bit and eventually their whole universe is bare for us to see. It represents the uncontrollable forces that make our live less pleasant to live.

And today, I realized that despite living in a modern world, we are so medieval in many ways. Russia has invaded (or trying to) Georgia, a fraction of crumbled Soviet Union. In the age of cell phones and free pornography in the internet, I thought that people are done conquering other people's places, but boy how wrong was I. Vladimir Putin despite photographed half naked, fulfilling his Rambo fantasies, obviously missed the chic trend of the season. Less is more. I think, he should see how us Asians works. We are fine with our small land, and we work with what we have. Just look at Singapore. It is basically the most useless piece of shithole, but they manage to make it big, whoring whatever they have. Maybe Putin wants Russia to be the next China, the fastest growing country in the world, but he forgets that most Russians works in the military and KGB and Elite model management, which left them lazy drunken homeless people to work for their economy. Seriously, reform your Soviet's propaganda laced education system, and do something about your weather. And having said that, you should stop making buildings that resemble ice creams.

Don't do anything stupid, or given hope, just like what David did. (Spoiler ahead) He basically manage to free himself from the confining building with four other people, only to find out that the whole area was invaded by the monsters. When his gas run out, they all made a suicide pact since being eaten by the monster is so horrible. David shot everyone with his gun but himself because there's only four bullets lefts. However the moment he sacrifices his fine ass to the monsters, a military tank rolled in...

P/S: Although Georgia is quite an evil country itself (bulldozing old people's and orphan houses with tanks), I don't think evil will triumph evil.

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