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Saturday, August 02, 2008

For the past couple of days I wasn't in the mood of writing anything. I'm so uninspired and frankly so lazy. Thanks to the villain of my life, my fucking ugly boss, I'm all stressed out and miserable. I hope she die of AIDS which is pretty much impossible coz nobody wanted to fuck her ugly ass anyways. Here's a fact, she's 49, single, and has no child (in my world, she's as dry and barren as a desert). Ok enough haterations... these are my 411;

1) I am an active 'contributor' in facebook's Jabbawockeez forum, and like a couple of days ago in a discussion about Cristyles negative news, I said that I have some sort of links about the issue, but i won't post it there coz I love jabbawockeez and I don't want to tarnish their reputation. After that I got tonnes of messages asking about the link which I gave it to them anyways. Since there were many messages to sent I wasn't feeling to re type everything, so I just went cut and paste and sent the messages. Then there was a warning from fb for me to stop sending messages because apparently I have sent too many messages, to which I ignored and just after I finished sending the messages, I found out that my fb account was disabled. I was like what the fuck is that? Then I recreate another account, and told the jabba fans what happened and since I have no friends, the added me. I was feeling all the love which is great. Jabbafolyfe son!

2) MTV Asia Awards is tomorrow and I'm totally bummed because I couldn't watch my idols perform. Anyways, I went to their website and I realized that people are using the comment box as a black market to sell tix. I posted a comment saying I want 2 tix and leave my email there. Some people replied my message, and the asking price for the tix? $550! I was like, oh hell no! If I am guaranteed to have a one on one session with jabba, I'll totally grabbed it. Anyways, I'll watch the show live with my friends... which is so not 'happening' but I'm in no mood for partying either.

3) I'm trying to work out again since I think I'm getting sloppy in everything I do. And the first day of working out suck donkey balls. I was panting trough the whole thing. Just do it, motherfucker!

4) Last night I woke up around 3.30am after a violent dream, and I felt creepiness fills the air. I was sleeping alone, and then I did what I do best. Sleep it over.

5) I've been flirting pretty much all the time lately. Just brushing up my pimpness.

Holla atcha boi!


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