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Tuesday, September 09, 2008
Ramadhan update.

Ramadhan is the month of detoxification. Physically and spiritually. It's almost 10 days into Ramadhan and I think I'm failing in the spiritually part. Ok I'll get to that part later. Anyway, before Ramadhan, I figured out that I need to have a healthy foods stacked up in my room, coz obviously I need all the energy to face the day. So I brought a bread toaster, for toasting bread obviously, and a blender for my protein shake, coz I'm damn too lazy to shake them protein. I also bought protein shake, powdered milk and sugar for, you know, the protein shake. So almost everyday, I eat and drink toasted bread and protein shake for sahur and break fast.

For your kind information, I'm kinda lactose intolerant, even though I LOVE dairy products. So it is inevitable that after an hour of consuming those milky contortion, my stomach starting to make weird sound and nasty explosive diarrhea ensured. For every meal, I will at least visit my favorite toilet stall twice. This however did not deter me from consuming those product which basically squeezed out from innocent cow tits.

I also have to give up smoke for the day, but I retaliate by transforming myself into an organic chimney in the night. I would consider myself as a were-smoker, if you would. Anyway, during the day, I'm not thinking about smoking at all. Them cigarettes are my bitch, not the other way around.

Ramadhan also suppose to be the month of prayers and good deeds. I have not face any problem at all in the evil talking department as I hardly talk to anyone. But I've been lagging behind in the worshiping area. I missed many prayers, coz I'm like hibernating all the time. Which is bad. I need to see the light.

So anyway, it's still the early period of Ramadhan, and I hope everything will change for the good. I'm not having any fun at all, and I think that's the idea of it. I do wish a happy and peaceful ramadhan to everybody. Ramadhan kareem.

p/s: I almost give up today, but I stick on the plan.


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