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Saturday, October 18, 2008
Current Politics In Malaysia
... is boring. But politics in America in the other hand is like watching an episode of The Hills. Ok for those who are not familiar with The Hills, let me give you a brief explaination. The Hills mostly is about LC, or Lauren Conrad, a rich girl from Laguna Bitch Beach. In Laguna Beach, she was like a side character who always get bullied but other rich girls, one of them was the uber mega bitch Kristen Cavallari (whatever she spells her name). So she moved to LA (hence The Hills) to start a new life. She enrolled to some fashion college coz she's like, creative and shit. Along the way, she picked up a roommate, a superficial dumb blonde named Heidi Montag who enrolled to the same college.

Unlike the fake hardworking LC, Heidi is a party animal who enjoyed the blinding lights of LA unlike some redneck place she came from. Ok now back to LC, the 'star' of the show. LC then accepted as an intern at Teen Vogue magazine and befriend with the uninteresting and blah Whitney Port, another intern. She later came to know Brody Jenner, the son of US Olympian Bruce Jenner and half-sibling of Ray-J's porn bitch Kim Kardasian. Jenner brings along his entorage crew and BFF, Spencer Pratt, a scheming douchebag. LC hates Spencer like, totally, coz Spencer told everyone that there's a video of LC fucking Jason Wahler, a douche she fell in love with in her Laguna Beach days. Spencer then hooked up with Heidi, which make LC hate him even more. LC then fought with Heidi, resulting Heidi to move out with Spencer.

So LC had to find a new roommate, and this is where Audrina Patridge came into the picture. Audrina is a dumb brunette with funny eyes whose boyfriend is Justin last-name-not-important, a slimey 'musician'. LC has this knack of disliking her BFF's boyfriend, so she hates Justin too. She later launched this cold war against Audrina, and recruited her former BFF, a chubby Lo Bosworth. Lo tried to win over LC's heart (probably to get her more airtime in the show) by widening the distance between LC and Audrina. Audrina later moved out of their house. LC, ever a mega whore then hooked up with Aurina's boyfriend, Justin. To piss LC off, Audrina then befriend with Heidi and Spencer.

OK let's recap. LC hates Kristen C., Jason, Heidi, Spencer, Audrina and Justin. Wow, that's like, half of the world. *I'm sorry if the story is not accurate. I don't watch The Hills that often.*

In real life, LC is like Hillary Clinton. She is the senator of New York, and was the first lady of America. Upon bidding to be the first female president of US, she had to face Obama, who's bidding to be the first black president. That's like, so gangsta. Then Obama won the Democrat's presidential ticket, like, duh. Obama then has to face the ancient ex-POW, John McCain, the Republican presidential candidate.

Even though everyone was egging Obama to make Hillary Conrad Clinton his running vice president, Obama chosen a more conservative looking Joe Biden, in a bid to make his campaign looks normal (coz making HC the first vice president really make the Democrat's camp looks like a circus). To make GOP's presidential bid look more hip, McCain appointed a female redneck from Alaska, Sarah Palin whose hobby includes guns, hockey, flute and 6-pack. OMG, Sarah Palin is so like Heidi Montag, but with black hair and Tina Fey eyeglasses. Then media attention totally shifted towards Sarah when her virginal underage daughter went preggo. Like some uncool obese high school emo retard, Sarah was subjected to intense bullying from the media (although I must admit, for a pitbull on lipstick, Sarah is actually an above average hot middle aged woman).

OK so Hillary is not like LC, like at all, but the drama is. It looks like Obama may win the race, and have to pick up the shit George Dubya Bush left behind. Good luck with that, brother.


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