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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Its been like forever since I last write anything.. so this is what happened to ma lately.

Now I go to gym. The reason is I think I need to stay healthy. I mean, I smoke like everyday, never drink plain water, eat McD's almost every day and I sleep like only for 3 hours everyday. I've been treating my body like a temple (of doom). So I've been visiting the gym for over a week now, and mostly I do cardio. I've been riding that stationary bicycle like she's my bitch. Once in a while I do other things like lifting iron and shits. I must be the skinniest person there, coz everybody is like an ox. I mean, men do look good with muscle, but when you head appear to look like a pimple out of huge glob of muscles, then its not pretty anymore. Now, I know what to expect for each day of the week. Mondays are fine, not many people coz I bet people are lazy on Mondays. Tuesdays are jerk days, where a couple of shirtless guy with belly hanging out of their tight jeans do their workout. There is this one huge guy who is a total selfish asshole. He hog every machine which I think is unnecessary since he's borderline exploding. But I have no plan to tell him anything, coz I do not want to be the wrath of steroid god. Wednesday is OK, but Thursday is the sardine day. The gym is full on capacity coz it is the sex day. So everybody need to pump out some muscle to impress their sex slave at home. Friday is ok and weekends are so so.

On the non gym related news, my office is moved to a slightly larger space. I'm not happy at all.


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