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Thursday, December 04, 2008

OK I need to stop depressing myself and stop being a drama queen (eventhough I know, how FABULOUS I am). So this is something totally random happened to me today.

I love listening to music. My ears legally attached to the earbuds 24/7. Mostly I listen to the mp3s I illegally downloaded from the internet, or if I need to check out the new music, I listen to the radio. My fave radio station is Hitz.fm. I actually only listen to this radio station, as I can't stand other radio station's radio jocks (especially ERA and XFresh and Hot FM - shouting DJs are never cool) and only cool people listen to Hitz.fm. I listen to it through my walkman handphone, switching occasionally between mp3s and radio.

ANYWAY, today as I switched on the radio, the first song came out was David Archuleta's new single, Crush. I'm indifferent towards him. I don't hate him but I'm definitely not a fan either. The song is pretty chill, sort of if you want to get into cooties infested school girl's pant chill. So I listen to the glorious nasal voice of Archuleta (what kind of name is that anyways?) thinking this is not as bad as Christina Aguilera's I'm-so-good-I-need-to-scream-every-note voice. After a while, I switched back to mp3 because the commercials were getting unbearable. And after a while, I switched back to the radio, and guess the first song I heard... David Archuleta's Crush. I listened to it anyways, and like half an hour later I turned off the radio coz I need to go poo poo. Later that evening, I turned on the radio, and that goddamn song was the first song up. This happened for a couple more time, the last one was around 9 after I got back from my gym session. I thought I'm going crazy! I'm beginning to think that this is a sign for something. Am I going to be crushed to death, or somebody is having a crush for my hard developing body, or am I going to marry David Archuleta (eww..) and crushes millions of flat chested bratty teenage girls' hearts? I'm not sure.

But right now, I pretty much hate that song.

edit: Happened again this morning (5/12).


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