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Sunday, December 21, 2008
Jon & Kate plus 8

The other day, I took a break from watching senseless violent viral videos and I ended up watching clips for a reality TV shows called Jon & Kate plus 8. Basically, it's a show about a family consists of a pair of twins and a sextuplets (sex... giggles). Jon and Kate are young parents and because they couldn't have babies on their own, they turned to fertility treatments. First they got a healthy twin named Maddy and Cara. Then decided to get another baby through the same method, and to their surprise, they discovered that they are going to get a sextuplets. Doctors advised them to do selective reduction (which means they have to choose some babies to be aborted) but thankfully they decided against it. The babies were born healthy.

I read somewhere that some people are uncomfortable (or should I say jealous) with the attention given to the children. They argued that children that young shouldn't be given too much TV exposure, which translates that TV attention should be given to Hollywood actors fornication and political bullshits. For me, it's all good given that they got healthy attention.

Watching the show, I totally know why people are calling Kate a control freak. She's a young mother of 8. She has to be in control. And admit it, every young mother sometimes can be quite a bitch. It's their prerogative. If they aren't bitch enough, the kids may turned up into mini divas and assholes. In the latest season, Jon quit his full time job, because obviously the show give them so much money. And people are talking on how this is not a healthy way of living because of stay home parents (because in normal family, someone has to bring home the dough). All I can say is these people are jealous of the Gosselins' luck and fortune. Which parent do not want to spent their whole day with their kids? (OK maybe it is me, but I don't have a kid).

All in all, its a good show. A window for us to understand people with big family.

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