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Sunday, December 14, 2008
My old roommates

This morning (... ok afternoon. So I was lazy. It's Sunday, for Godsake!) while I was sleeping, my trusted handphone was ringing off the hook. I looked at the caller ID and it was one of my old buddy. Usually I don't even care to answer but since he's my old friend, I answered it anyways, coz I was afraid that something bad might happened. Last time when an old friend called me, one of my friend died in road accident.

Turned out he just wanted to say hi. We exchanged our personal news and a couple of dirty jokes later, we hung up. So right now, I want to tell you about my old roommates during my college years.

Our room was quite small, and it's divided into 4 personal compartments and a lounge space. However, it was big enough for us to host thousands of friends for occasional late night talks, or pirate DVD premiere, or private porn sessions (yeah we watched porn, deal with it). The bathroom was down the hall and we had to share it with the entire level. My room was at the fourth floor and the view was great. There's a huge mountain/big hill separating us from the hustle and bustle of the city. In the morning, it got pretty chill there because all the fog from the mountain descends to our campus.

Anyway, I shared the room with three other guys. Before I dwell into my opinions of my other roommates, lemme tell you something about who was I first (or maybe who AM I).

I think I was this really bratty self-centered jock. Why I have so many friends? I have no idea. I played hockey for the varsity, so I didn't hang out much in our room because the whole morning and afternoon I was busy sleeping in classes and I was at the field busting my ass off the whole evening (and sometimes at nights too). We illegally bought a TV and placed it in our room, so the night time was the only time we 'bonded'.

But enough about me. The other guy was Poji, a big guy hailed from Kedah. He used to be skinny, but a year before we entered the campus, he involved in a road accident which unfortunately killed his best friend. He had this breathing problem, so he had to take this traditional herb, which in our final years, we discovered that it contains high level of steroids. I mean, that's probably he was so, fat. Anyways, he is one swell guy. He has this rare infectious laughs that's funny and pleasing at the same time. He's also a very entrepreneurial person. He recruited some of our friends and made a private tuition service for the rich and young stuck up kids. He is a year older than the rest of us, so by default he's THE big brother. Like any big brothers, he sometimes annoyed me with his veiled condescending remarks, like where I place my manly odoured sports apparels, and stuff.

Then there was this other guy, Min, the quietest guy and possibly one of the most good looking amongst our batch. He usually dwelt his business alone, and didn't add much in our discussion except with occasional grunts and giggles. I had this argument with him, and we didn't talked for almost a year eventhough we stay at the same room. This cold war standoff was a test for our ego superiority and I was quietly hating him that whole period. Like a cat, I am really good at ignoring people, so it was a walk in the park for me. We put out our best fence guarding up our territory. It was dramaless, but I assured you that the air was thick with tension when we were at the same vicinity. After a year, I decided to be a bigger man and offered my truce. He accepted it and we are ok right now, eventhough the fallout did effect our friendship.

The third guy is probably the best roommate I had. We shared the same name, but I let him use it coz my friends already called me by my street name (a name too cool to be mentioned here). His name is Kamal Arshad (the guy that called me this morning). He's from the same state as I, so basically we're homeboys. He is just this cool dude. Not affected by the material world, and has a good head above his shoulder. We horsed and teased each other pretty much every time. He called me 'The Beaver/Pak Memerang' and I called him 'The Gecko/Cicak' for some reason. He's really good at football but he didn't try for the varsity team because of the inner political shit in the varsity team management. We talked about pretty much everything. This one time, I was not selected in the main playing roster for my team and I was so bummed, but he said something that made me feel fine again. And like an idiot, I sometimes being a complete jerk to him, but he accept me for who I am, and that my friends, is a true friend.

I still keep contacts with Poji and Kamal though phone calls. Min and Poji are married and reside in KL. Kamal is working in Temerloh. Maybe one of these days, I'll drop them a visit.

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