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Sunday, February 08, 2009

I planned to stay for Chinese New Year despite a rare four days break from work. Other than the independent gene I probably inherit from my father, I am on tight budget, which was why I decided to have a quality time in solitary. A few days earlier, my sister called me to ask whether I will return home because my family are staying at my great-gramps house for a kenduri. I told her that I'm not. Then a couple of days later, my grandmother called to say hi. She asked the same question and I gave her the same answer.

After the call I my mind wrestled to reconsider my earlier decision. Throwing logic thinking and cautions in the wind, I ended boarding a very late night bus to JB. Then I went straight to Pontian in the morning after a night stay at my uncles. I was beyond tired because I didn't get enough sleep, mainly because my night was disturbed by a very loud Persian cat in heat - her partner died a month ago, so she need to satisfy her female urges, ON ME!

I reached my great gramps house and my big fat family were surprised. They were preparing the dishes and souvenirs for the kenduri, and I ended up flaming the satays, all 1500 of them.

After that, I took my mom, my brother and my grandma to the town, had some drinks and food, and brought my grandma a rice cooker because she's not keen with her current 'too modern' rice cooker. Then we went back just before the kenduri started. And I (ahem) slept during the kenduri.

The next day I had to take the KL bound bus because there was no Seremban bound bus left.

I'm broke, but it worth it, as long as my family is happy.

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  • At Tuesday, February 10, 2009 10:25:00 AM, Blogger nurulshima said…

    dats very nice of u hunn, very thoughtful, being broke because of ur loved ones is one of d best sacrifice ever. i am on a tight budget, too but hell yeah, i'll go back this weekend to accompany my mom and sister :)

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