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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Ever since Doyok's passing, I kept thinking about my old frat mates. I even dreamed about them several times, and later I woke up feeling depressed. Truth to be told, I missed my old boys. We are like one big gaggle of sweet assed baboon brotherhood. Only our asses are actually much much sweeter.

Anyways, I felt to talk to some of them, and turned out they were organizing a tahlil at Doyok's house, which also Nazri's house (he looks the same). After some arrangement, I went there with Muhazrol (aka Puom Kenaboi). About 40 of us turned up, some with spouses and children on tow. Each of us brought along food (well except me, coz I weren't told to bring any, and of course I'm too posh to bring anything, coz I travel light), so there were varieties of foods, from pizzas to KFCs to satays to cakes and stuff. Komeng (the clueless one) and Zaidi (the one who still couldn't pronounce Rs correctly) were the people in charge with the food stuff. So the some glitches were expected.

We sat down, reading our prayers for Doyok so he will be showered with God's blessing and love in the afterlife. I have to admit that it felt a little bit awkward not having him around. I kept seeing his face and somehow I kinda wish that he will arrive with his goofy smile, being kinda loud as usual. I kept forgetting that he's gone. Azrai lead the prayer. He's awesome like that. Somehow we unanimously and subconsciously appointed him as our leader.

After the prayers, we chatted and laughed while having the feast as if nothing has ever happened. I noticed that everyone was putting up a brave face and somehow avoided to talk about Doyok. Pet (aka the receding hairline guy), Cotek (aka the mouth) and Bear-wong (the hairy one) actually just arrived from Doyok's grave, and they told us that they met Doyok's parents. Nazri told me that some of Doyok's stuff is still in his room upstairs and told me to take a look at the room. I waved it away, not wanting to have a dramatic breakdown and shits.

There was Tompel, looking exactly the same as I last saw him at school. And Limje and his wife, still looking like a newly wed in their color coordinated get ups. Romai looked composed and quiet as always. Payit in the other hand looked like a statesman, and most probably will be one. Najib arrived a little bit late because he just finished his job at the site. Jeli, the one who married without no one knowing, looked like Jeli, only a little bit fatter. Speaking of fat, Majikan turned out to be the most chubbiest person there. I even pinched his cheeks. Mat Kacang brought along his famous kacang goreng, which brought along old memories. And there were some old girls I didn't get a chance to talk to. But there's no Doyok.

All in all, it was a bitter sweet reunion. I hope that the next meeting will not be at another funeral. Well, not at the nearest time at least.


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