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Friday, November 24, 2006
Casino Royale/Happy Feet movie review
The vacation must be a joyous period for most of the people around the world. This is how I imagine the vacation period in relation to the respective country, stereotipically. In America - teenagers/young adults get wasted in sunny beaches (imagine girls gone wild - sweet!), in Brazil - they will play football to death, in France - they will organnize a country-wide riot, and in Israel - they will plot on methods to get more money or take over the world (anti-semiticism is so 'in' right now). Here, the boys will race the road like they were made of steel, and the girls will be busy trying their best to look immaculate for the later whoring session at the mall. However, I kinda hate holidays. It's so not normal. I mean, we have to hold our routines for a period of time and expected to continue our life as soon as the holiday is over, sending behavioral shock to the brain. I'm starting to write like shit.

Vacation to me is also a very boring period. So yesterday, I called Acap and Fuad for a boy's gone wild day out. I was thinking of watching the new James Bond franchise, Casino Royale. I heard nothing but praises for this film, so I thought it worth checking out.


Like all humans, I initially scepticcal of the casting of Daniel Craig as the latest incarnation of Bond. He's kinda not good looking, and so not A-list. But whatever, Pierce Brosnan was also a relatively unknown actor when he started out as Bond. The first thing that struck me when watching the movie was the missing of naked women silhouette in the montage, instead it was replaced with MTV-ish poker themed flash thing, with men silhouettes. Gay.

In case you live in Mongolia where stereotipically, it's a backward community on the Himalayan scalp (or izzit Nepal, whocares!), where pretty women came out of nowhere only to be brutally murderred in Malaysia, or the 'in' backward place right now, the Kazakhstan (yeah, thanks a lot Ali G), Casino Royale is based on the first Ian Flemming 'Bond' book, which means it tell the story of how the Bond kinda born, and of course about gambling. There is no Q, but M's already an old mother-ish woman, and Bond is relatively kinda old looking.

As a whole, I personally think that the Bond latest franchise had gone sissy, venturing more into a chick flick territory. There's no cool gadget save for a super cool not-out-in-the-market-yet aston martin, Bond got mushy, Bond loose his cool, Bond emerged naked from the sea (instead of hot young things), Bond was stripped naked and has his ball 'scratched', and as I mention earlier, no nekkid girls montage and M is getting mother-ish.

The saving factor for this film is the gore factor of the fight scenes and Eva Green that I think look like that fast talking youngest Gilmore girl, whatshername. I had watched a Green's movie, the Deamers, where she was naked in almost all scene, experimenting with incest-thingy. Damn, she's gorgeous! Other than that, I think the movie try to death to be complicated, much to please any movie geeks critics. Craig got my blessing as the lastest Bond, he's cool enough (just who am I to give blessing to anyone to play Bond? I AM THE PAYING CONSUMER GODDAMIT!) I'll will probably watch it again via a pirated DVD that I will bundle with the likes of My Best Friend's Wedding and Love's Actually.


So I was bored. And I called Abe, for another movie-watching day. You know what they say about people who watch movies alone. Today's assignment is Happy Feet, a CGI-animated movie about penguins (I got two free passes to watch this flick).

It's 4.30am and I am getting sleepy, so I will summarize the movie as fast as possible.

It's about a pinguin (Mumble) who's instead of singging to get a mate, he tap-dancing. Yes the core of the story is about re-production. Fuck, fuck, fuck and all animal fuck galore. Wonder why the 'general' classification. So fearing Mumble will spread this unhealthy influence (tap dancing) to other young penguins, he was ousted from the herd by a close-to-real-life saggy old ketua kamoung, Pak Dollah (just kidding), where he met 5 super cool chikanos-ish much smaller pinguins. They stole the show from Mumble. Come to think of it, this movie is almost a pang to the American society. The emperor pinguins are the white people, where they judge other people by their looks and their ability to sing (American Idol anyone?), and the smaller streetwise penguins are the other minority who enjoyed getting loose, and dancing, and having a good time, and trash talking , and conning other people. So Mumble here is an equal to your average wigger or wikanos (like Justin Timberlake, yeah I said it!).

The singing and dancing sequence is breathtaking. All my hair on my body (except for the pubes) were standing, which means it's mighty cool. But the plot is very hard to swallow even it's just a flick about talking animals. You'll know what I mean when you watch it.

There, I wrote all about the movies. Oh, one thing, I'm puzzled on why Malaysian have the urge to
  1. have a severe tuberculosis in the middle of the movie
  2. answer the call from their respective doctor about their final stage cancer
  3. bring along their loud children to the movies- hire a nanny lah!

The movie joke for the moment: "Jom tengok Nana Tanjung!"


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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
The snow patrol is chasing cars.
OK it's been a fairly long time since I write some rubbish in this thing.

Obviously, I was quite busy with nothing, and if you do care about my shitty days, go here. I failed to update the Manchester United thing (and probably will not writing about it anymore), and this blog is obviously being abandoned like an out-of-wedlock bastard.

The other keeper

The KL league was finally over last night. Out of group 'A', we emerged as the second, behind the Kilat team, losing only one game and won the rest. Later we stepped into the semi-finals against group 'B' champ, MSSKL, and manage to lose 3-2, which placed us in the next match for the 3rd-4th placing against MESCA (whatever it is). Again we lost the game when the evil team (together with probably bribed umpire) manage to score at the very 2 minutes before full time, which bleed our heart. Eventhough we lost 1-0, I think being the 4th from like 20 teams is one great accomplishment for the team because we were just being promoted into the division this year. However, losing is still a bitch.

Meet my ho's; Acap, Tapa and Brahim

Most probably, I will rent a room with one of my friend in Cheras, because I'm done here. The rent is $150 a month which I think quite a good bargain.

Most of the students are at their home for semester vacation, and the hostel's quiet and empty, and all these loneliness make me horny. (I know ewww... but I have a dick too y'know)

Till my next posting.

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Monday, November 13, 2006
New Blog

Lately I had many problems with Blogger. A shitlong of typed post failed to be published much to my annoyance. I'm not sure whether it's my internet connection or it's Blogger inadequencies or just plain shit out of luck.

So I made this new blog, kinda another place for me to blog. Click here.

I will still continuing my assfull rants here, but in less frequency.

I'm still not sleeping since yesterday, so my writing is admitedly shitty.

I curse a lot today. Cranky

Your Zoro.


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Every Man For Himself

“Count your smiles instead of your tears; Count your courage instead of your fears.”

~ Unknown

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

~ Maya Angelou

“The secret of Happiness is Freedom, and the secret of Freedom, Courage.”

~ Thucydides

“Everything becomes a little bit different as soon as it is spoken out loud”

~ Hermann Hesse

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