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Friday, September 29, 2006
After Friday prayer, I took a nap, reminding myself that I need to go to CCAC office for the "Choking Charlie" manequin. Then I was awaken by the Hari Raya songs played by my roomate. Suddenly I felt sad, and the faces of my parents, family, and my grandmothes flashes in front of my eyes.
I don't know how, but these songs can evoke the deepest feeling in your heart, eventhough you had heard it year after year. It is even hard to listen to it if you are far away from your family. But at the same time, it also springs out the joy and the mood of celebration. When you heard it played, it will bring out the fond nostalgic memories of Hari Raya celebration you had in the past years.
This is the song I heard today, titled "Kepulangan Yang Dinanti" ("The anticipated return") by Aman Shah.

Bahasa MelayuEnglish translation

Kepulangan Yang Dinanti

Bergema suara takbir di angkasa
Selembut bayu meresap ke dalam jiwa
Betapa hatimu terharu
Menyambut anakmu kembali

Terbayang senyuman di wajah nan sepi
Pulangnya anakmu di pagi yang murni
Kasihmu seharum kasturi
Melambai anakmu kembali

Dalam dakapan keheningan maya
Pertemuan yang menyentuh di jiwa
Sekian lamanya terpisah
Harapan kini menjadi nyata

Kiranya perpisahan terjadi lagi
Anakmu pergi mencurahkan bakti
Doamu teriring selalu
Semoga bertemu kembali

Pulanglah di hari raya
Begitulah harapan ayahanda

The anticipated return

The calling voices is in the sky
Soft as zephyr it soaked into the soul
Your heart is moved
Welcoming your child home

The quiet face began to smile
As the child return in the glorious morning
You love like a fragance of ____
Greeting your child home

In the blanket of silent air
The meeting that moves the heart
The parting seems forever
The hope is now materialize

If then we whould part again
Your child went to spread the deeds
Your prayers will lead me along the way
For us to be united again

Pleaase return home this celebration
That's your father's wish.

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Thursday, September 28, 2006
Sports Illustrated
I'm starting to get disoriented.
I bet I'll sleep until berbuka
Anyway enjoy these pic...
Till next time, zzzzzzzzzzz............

Hockey: Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin (who eerily resemble Fuad) in action

Rooney and Ronaldo in one of those tender gay moment.

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Lluvia de mar

by Zayra Alvarez

Cada vez que hay lluvia de mar
cantan cien gotas al azar,
justo así se me rompe el cielo
junto a tí, sin mi voluntad de...

No escuchar un corazón
que me envuelva en lazos la ilusión
de no sentirme sola.

Ven. Desnúdate.
Revela tu presencia de una vez.
Ven, y llueve en mí.
Inúndame a morir dentro de tí.

Relájate. Viaja por mi piel.
Estúdiame. Rompe el silencio.
Mirame de cerca y haz tu pasión la religión que...

Me dominará hasta el fin.
Y me persiguirá hasta preferir el brillo de tus ojos.

Ven. Desnúdate.
Revela tu presencia de una vez.
Ven, y llueve en mí.
Inúndame a morir dentro de tí.

Me sigues a donde quiera que voy.
Me quiebras a pedazos con tu voz.
Me tienes como agua al mar...

Ven. Desnúdate.
Revela tu presencia de una vez.
Ven, y llueve en mí.
Inúndame a morir dentro de tí.


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In Another Life

Figure 1: My day's Plan.
DoneYet to be done
Update FA web blogBuy newspaper 1
Update Man Utd match reportRead Newspaper
Read PerezHiltonSleep

I'm not really sure what happened, but since yesterday Blogger.com seems to face some technical problem. It's like ass waiting for the new post to be loaded into the blog page, where everytime the "in process" page keep looping like an amnesiac fool. However I found out that if the loading is stuck, I only have to reload the page or click the 'create' button and the post will be saved; with a catch - it wont appear instantly in my blog unless I log out of blogger.com and then re-log in. Hopefully that this problem is kinda temporary technical glitch, or I'll have to retire from blogging.

Anyway, I totally didn't contact (like I promised) my gf yesterday to comfirm my ticket for the Hari Raya celebration. I planned...umm... actually I don't have a plan at all, it just I don't like using my girl's money, because you know what happened when money is mixed with relationship. Whatever.

I'm still having this stomach-ache and been in and out the toilet for numerous times today.

Since I have a lot of spare time, I guess I can write something different rather than my daily routines check list.

Hmm.. I've been reading some blogs about relationship, the daily shits about living together as a couple. Truthfully I envied those who can live happily with the one they love.

Actually I never live in a home with someone since I'm 12. From that age till now, I reside in either a dormitory or a hostel room (what's the diffeternt, hell who cares). I lived with bunch of crazy friends and never I live alone or at least with another person (which will make us a couple). And because of that (I think), I have these problems with intimacy, but then didn't all guys were born with pre-pacaged intimacy problems.

Figure 2: Happy Fuck!

This is the whole day agenda of my imagenary coupling life. I woke up late after a long hot sex in the previous night with X (let's call this person 'X') and smiled when I saw X's face. I placed a peck on X's cheek/nose/body/hand and went for shower.

After I was done with my work attire, I found my breakfast was on the table, a cup of hot coffee/choc, a bowl/plate of cerial/roti canai/fried eggs sunny side up, and the main course, a gorgeously smiled X. I ate the breakfast and after a lil' action, I heavy-heartedly went to work.

After work, I returned home and X was still not returning from work. I found myself resting on the couch waiting for X to return. Later, when X finally came home, I greeted X with a firm hug and a long wet smooch. We changed our shirts into a pair of comfortable t-shirt and track-bottom for a run on the park or working out at a gym.

Then we took a bath together to clean our sweaty body and after that we prepared the dinner. If not, we went for occasionally eating-out. Our night filled with talking about our day or watching tv or reading books or just looking at each other's eyes. Then we went to our room, and doing what we did best.

Why the past tense? I have this thing that if I say or talk anything before it happens, I will mostly never come true. So, everytime I had a plan or something, I just keep mum about it until it finally occured.

I hope that I will find the right person for me, that truly love me for what I am. I know I'm starting to sound romatically foolish, but doesn't everyone deserve a happy life?


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vs SL Benfica 1-0 (champions)

Manchester United FC avenged one of the most painful defeats of their recent history as Louis Saha's second-half goal secured a 1-0 win over SL Benfica at the Estádio da Luz.

No repeat
It was here in Lisbon last December that United's UEFA Champions League campaign came to a premature halt with a 2-1 reverse but tonight United fulfilled the prediction of manager Sir Alex Ferguson that a repeat was out of the question. After surviving a scare or two in the first half, Saha struck on the hour to keep United three points clear of Celtic FC – winners over FC København - at the top of Group F with a maximum six points.

Slow starters
The game was slow in coming to life. After bookings for Michael Carrick and Paul Scholes, Georgios Karagounis sent in the first shot of note, straight at Edwin van der Sar on eleven minutes, after Paulo Jorge had dispossessed Gabriel Heinze. Two minutes later, Quim had an uncomfortable moment at the other end when he failed to hold Cristiano Ronaldo's long-range effort but Saha was beaten to the rebound by Luisão.

Nuno Gomes denied
That was as good as it got in the first period for United. Playing with Wayne Rooney and Ronaldo either side of lone striker Saha, only Ronaldo – his every touch jeered by the Benfica fans – offered any threat to the home defence. It was left to Benfica to inject energy into proceedings. Paulo Jorge caught United centre-back Nemanja Vidić napping and Karagounis fed Nuno Gomes whose low drive from the edge of the box was turned around the post by Van der Sar. Paulo Jorge then fired over after Simão squared a free-kick to him, but when Karagounis did find the net via the underside of the bar, referee Frank De Bleeckere had already blown for a foul by Konstantinos Katsouranis on Ronaldo.

Far corner
United started the second half in more positive mood and created an early opening as Carrick shot low at Quim after a one-two with Scholes. However, the breakthrough, when it did come, followed a breakaway. Scholes supplied Ronaldo who carried the ball into Benfica territory before playing it to Saha. Out on the right-hand corner of the penalty area, the No9 stepped into the box and unleashed a shot which deflected off Anderson before looping past Quim and into the far corner. With three UEFA Champions League goals this season, the responsibility of replacing Ruud van Nistelrooy appears to be sitting comfortably on the shoulders of Saha.

Second goal elusive
With confidence boosted, United made further opportunities but Ronaldo and Rooney failed to test Quim after getting a sight of goal. Benfica, with Nuno Assis and Fabrizio Miccoli introduced into the action, struggled to produce a response. Simão's free-kick found the roof of the net but a second goal looked more likely at the opposite end. With 78 minutes on the clock it almost came when Carrick broke into space down the right and crossed to Saha whose near-post shot went wide. Then, with four minutes remaining, United very nearly doubled their advantage as Quim blocked a Heinze free-kick and as the ball ran loose, denied both substitute Darren Fletcher and Carrick from point-blank range.

©uefa.com 1998-2006. All rights reserved.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006
I woke up very late today, because I didn.t sleep last night watching the champions league cup match between the glorious Manchester United versus old rival Benefica. It was quite a boring game, but alas my Man utd won the game when Louis Saha strike a powerful goal in the second half (I will blog this later). I don't know why but I've been suffering a stomachache since yesterday night, which really sucks. Anyway, everything's fine today (I hope).

Zorro xx


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I woke up very late today, because I didn.t sleep last night watching the champions league cup match between the glorious Manchester United versus old rival Benefica. It was quite a boring game, but alas my Man utd won the game when Louis Saha strike a powerful goal in the second half (I will blog this later). I don't know why but I've been suffering a stomachache since yesterday night, which really sucks. Anyway, everything's fine today (I hope).

Zorro xx

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

This is my friend Talal, who's hailed from Dubai, UAE. He studied here in KL sometimes ago, but now he's in Texas,USA furthering his study. We keep on contacting each other through YM. He promised me to bring me to DUbai, which is way cool.

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Blogging Dilemma
The reason anyone write in a blog is to manifest their idea and thought, mostly hoping that their writigs will be read by other people. Sort of trying to find people with the same wings with a dash of self narcissism - I mean every now and the you wish someone will read your blog, which somehow should make you an internet celebrity or some sort. I started to write this blog because I want to let go all the grudge I collected from day to day, and also to narrate my life so in later days in my life I'll have a place to look for nostalgic memories.. Yes I would like someone to read my blog, and yes I wish there are many people out there who follow my blog day to day like an endless soap opera. But something make me feel otherwise yesterday.

As I was blogging in the computer lab, Tapa my hockey team mate came and then he saw me writing my blog and asked the url of my blog. Without much thinking, I did gave him the url and the he started to read it. First he read my current posting, and as time goes by, he began to read my older postings through the archive. I, meanwhile started to feel uncomfortable as he unfold my suppose to be annynomous online diary. But I just kept my cool and told myself that nothing to be worried about. But deep inside, I know I'm fucked.

Sirah has it that Prophet Muhammad eat nothing but several dates and water in the whole course of Ramadhan. So yesterday I tried an experiment on myself that human can survive by just eating dates and water. So during breakfasting, I ate nothing but dates and drink only plain water. Yes, it's not filling but after some time I did not felt hungry anymore. So I kept eating nothing until the sahur (the last meal before dawn) which I, again ate dates only. So, the conclusion of my experiment is it is possible surviving ramadhan by eating dates alone. After that this evening during breakfasting, I reward myself with various kind of food, which was very rewarding so to speak.

Yesterday evening I started to talk to my other roommate, which I never talk to since I've been staying in my room. As I had nothing to say in particular, I asked him about the handphone he just brought. I said that I'm scouting for the best deal for handphone, posibbly the one with 2 megapixel camera, has a radio turner, mp3 playable, clampshell model and price around $1.3K, and it turned out that his new handphone, Nokia N71, has all the characters of my dream phone, and the price turnout to be $1.3 K only, which is JUST PERFECT! He said that the 'new' phone was his mother's but since his mother was not a fan of a complex phone, he traded his phone with the cool N71. Other than that we also talk about other handphone brand, and he promise me to look after the price listing of the latest handphone.

So, I started dreaming about this new handphone, and the first thing when I woke up in the morning (approximately 1pm hehe), I submit my claim form to Mahyar, which totalled of $1.5 K. Hope that the money will be lined in in the mid October, so I can shop for the new handphone before Hari Raya.

This evening I met Epulz, my old friend. He was accepted as the Quantity Surveyor lecturer and he has been working for a week. Well good luck to him.

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Monday, September 25, 2006

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Things I needed to do.
It is now 3.19 pm like another 4 hours to berbuka

my plans for this week and next week.

My plansThis week1. Update FA's website. It's been a long time. Stop procastinating.2.Wash your clothes. They are in dire need to be cleaned.
Next week1. Complete and submit FA's claim form. Ka-ching!2. Meet Dr.R! There's no other way!

I need my cigarettes!

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vs Reading 1-1

Cristiano Ronaldo's second-half drive denied Reading victory in an absorbing Barclays Premiership encounter at the Madejski Stadium.
The Manchester United winger's excellent 73rd-minute strike ensured the spoils were shared in the first ever league meeting between the sides, which the Red Devils had seemed set to lose despite dominating for long periods.

Newcomers Reading were on course for a third home win in a row after Kevin Doyle put them ahead from the penalty spot early in the second half following Gary Neville's handball, but they finally settled for the draw which ended United's 100 per cent away record.

United boss Sir Alex Ferguson rang the changes following last week’s 1-0 defeat at home to Arsenal, bringing in Edwin van der Sar, Kieran Richardson, Michael Carrick, Nemanja Vidic and Gabriel Heinze, with the latter duo making their first appearances of the season.

Reading manager Steve Coppell, the former United winger, made 10 changes from the side that needed a penalty shoot-out to knock Darlington out of the Carling Cup in midweek.

United began with only Wayne Rooney as an out-and-out attacker with Louis Saha’s hamstring problem having seen him relegated to the bench. Paul Scholes operated as the link between midfield and attack.

The first chance fell to Rooney within three minutes and Marcus Hahnemann was unable to hold on to his low drive on the turn from 25 yards. Richardson raced towards the loose ball but Graeme Murty slid in to get there first and clear.

Reading replied with an effort from just outside the box from Leroy Lita that was only inches away from the top corner.

Ronaldo was next to have a go but this time Hahnemann was able to gather low down as the winger’s shot fizzed in from 25 yards.

His next attempt was way too high, however, as United dominated the early exchanges.

Ronaldo opted to pass a few minutes later and put Rooney into a shooting position on the right of the box. Hahnemann was able to save comfortably however as the shot lacked power.

Reading had been second best but there was a scare for United when Lita fired a ball across the box that Seol Ki-Hyeon was just unable to connect with.

A better chance soon followed in the 18th minute when Bobby Convey’s cross from the right was deflected off a defender to put Doyle in with only Van der Sar to beat - and found he couldn’t from only four yards out as offside appeals rightly went unheeded.

Seol was adjudged to have fouled Ronaldo on the edge of the Reading box on the left and again Hahnemann fumbled the resulting shot, with the rebound hacked away desperately.

Neither side made changes at the break and within three minutes of the restart Reading were ahead through Doyle’s penalty.

Neville was adjudged to have used an arm as a Murty cross from the right bounced in the box and the Irishman, who had missed against Darlington in midweek, squeezed the ball under Van der Sar’s hand after the Dutchman had guessed correctly.

There was a great chance for Richardson after Rooney cut the ball back to him from the left of the box but he missed his footing in the act of shooting and hardly connected at all.

The England midfielder was replaced by Saha in the 58th minute.

Scholes was denied an equaliser in the 68th minute when Ronaldo’s cross bounced off Ivar Ingimarsson into his path, only for the Iceland international to recover and block with his body.

United sent on John O’Shea and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in the 70th minute with Heinze and Darren Fletcher making way - and two minutes later Ronaldo drew them level.

The Portugal winger picked up the ball on the left wing, cut infield and sent a superb low shot across goal into Hahnemann's bottom left-hand corner.

Coppell sent on Brynjar Gunnarsson in place of Lita as the Royals boss looked to preserve a point, but United scented victory and O'Shea saw a goalbound header blocked by Murty.

Stephen Hunt replaced Seol and soon after Ronaldo spurned a chance to win the game for the away side, sending his header straight at Hahnemann.

Midweek Carling Cup shoot-out hero Andre Bikey came on for the injured Murty with time running out as the Royals held on for another excellent result in their maiden top-flight campaign.

Goal Scorers & Times:

READING 48' K Doyle (Pen)

Half Time Score: 0 - 0

Penalties: READING 48' Taker: K Doyle

Attendance: 24098

rival watch

Arsenal 3-0 Sheff Utd
Chelsea 2-0 Fulham

Liverpool 3-0 Totenham

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Kyle Maynard
Have you heard of Kyle Maynard?

He's was born witout arms or legs, and yet he's a wrestler, a A&F model and a hero to us all.

He may only stand three feet tall, but he is truly a giant amongst men.


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Practical FA
The campus is looking eerily quiet. It must be the fasting period that make students skipping classes to sleep. And people will talk less because the more you talk without rehydrate, the more your saliva will become thick and it not olny look gross, it'll smell like ass too. Ewww... Anyway we had been fasting for 2 days, and yesterday was a non-existant day for me because I slept the whole day, and woke up only to have my berbuka (break-fasting). As a result of that, my head were throbbing like eliphant thumping on it the whole night and since I couldn't really sleep, I read jap's manga in Kreko mag.

Last Saturday was quite a tiring day for me. I had to be involved in the FA class 2nd level's practical test, since I am one of the assistant trainer. Plus, I can claim the hours I worked which pays $25 per hour.

The test was like each students were divided into groups, and they has to work as a team to save 'victims' of a suppose to be catastropic tragedy, by administrating first aid treatment. The tragedy in the said event was a land slide that injured a group of happy campers. And the 'victims' were actors with fake blood and all, and I'm one of them. There were 5 'victims', I'm the one with a head bleeding and open fracture on the femur with the bone (actually it was a stick) protuding out of my thigh and I'm drenched with buncho-colour blood. Other actors were Siti(the fainted lady), Barakah(the hand-fractured girl), Asma'(the broken neck lady) and Madeq(the crazy guy). I basically had to do nothing except for laying in the bushes looking helpless and crying for help. It there's an award for the best actor, it will -hands down- went to Madeq for his potrayal of concussion caused crazy man. He was so crazy and annoy every first aiders by giving them hard time to treat the patients.

I wasn't pretty sure to be the leg broken victim because most of the first aiders are girls who are very girly/weak/ayu/fragile. You see, they suppose to do rapid body survey to me (where you are touched in every inch of your body to find your injury), and then I was supposed to be lifted to a safe area using strecher. I can see thier 'unsure' reaction written all over their face because they have to touch me for treatment. Make no mistake- I didn't mean anything bad/dirty for the entire course of the test. I was being professional. Even though they were hesitant to treat me, but since they had time constraint (30 minutes for each group) they had to push aside their childish embaressment and went ahead bandaging my thigh and cleaning my 'wounded' forehead.

After that they had to lift me to the safety, supposely using accopanied strecher. I still remember thier suffering trying to lift a 70kg man, what a classic. And some of them didn't use the given strecher, but they lift me using their bare hands (it was heaven). Alas, I was never dropped from the strecher. I don't know if it's because I'm a man or they didn't remember, but I only receive only one rapid body survey treatment-from a boy. But I fully understand the ethics and their problem touching a male patient.

Some of the treatment given to me was actually quite memorable. I was showered with a whole bottle of water on my head, I was dragged, and one time, some girl tried to pull out my shirt to check if there's any injury on my body, but I have to stop it as I thought it was unnecessary. And actually, I don't think the sight of my pubic hair that lined vertically under my navel, is for all to see.

The practice ended around 6.30 pm, and after that we return to our rooms. Can't wait for the next sem's practical test.

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Happy Fasting for my muslim friends.
Time to get skinny, bitches!

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This Person
Currently I am at the nearly empty computer lab sitting in between 2 arab girls who anyoyingly talking loud in arabic, and spitting saliva all over me. I just realized that arabic is a wierd language with some word pronounced and sounded like words you uttered when someone is choking you. And it is also like the hardest language in the universe. I took arabic as side subject during my school days, and my PMR turned out with 8 A's and 1 C, the C being the arabic course.

I just came back from the tren station, where I found out that there are so many students are heading home today. Maybe its because they wanted to spend the first day of fasting (scheduled this Sunday) with their family. I can't go home since I have the commitment with FA classes. On my way home, I saw this one person who really caught my total attention. This person is so beautiful and everytime I looked at this person, I felt a total peace in my mind. It's like a crush. This person's body made my blood boiling with desire. The perfect speciment of human species. If I was an alien, I will abduct this person and keep this person inside a giant jar, so I can see this person everyday. I totally hope that I will see this person again.

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tottally bored. and i have problem with the blog publishing. it like sucks big time. whatever.

enjoy bitches.u must watch this. ewww... (click on picture)

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Pussy meowww...

Remember the Lindsay Lohan pussy baring stunt? Well here's another one for you. Now it's Jordan (who is she? Dunno) .Love that tatoo.


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Thursday, September 21, 2006
Now I'm at the computer lab right after I woke up around 3.30pm or something. Yesterday I couldn't sleep. It's my head dammit! If I got an idea, my brain will switch to auto-pilot brain storming. It just went on and on. I went to sleep around 6.30am I think.

I called my mum around 4am, she was up, cooking. I tried to say that I miss her and I miss home so much, but realizing that I'm a fully developed male adult now, and cry baby is a no no, I just said pretty much the same thing. Like hey how are you, how's everything, stuff like that.

Before that, I called home around 10pm via my sister's cell, but she was at my grandma's, do we just exchanged hellos and that was it. After that I called my girlfriend. We just said sweet nothing until I ran out of my cell phone air credit. She told me that some of her friend say hi to me. Well, some of her friends are my FA class students. And the she asked that if I has received some other 'hi' s from other girls. And to avoid bitter confrontation, of course I said no. Then she keep going and going about this, and I sensed something amiss. Well right after we ended our conversation, she texted me and she said that one girl from her english class say hi to me. I said that it's no problem, as long as they mean friendship, and I kinda sense hostility in my gf's side. Haha.

Thaksin Shinawatra's government now crippled by the Juntas. (here)
Yesterday also I was quite shocked as our neighbouring country, Thailand is under martial law, where under the king's blessing, the army troppled the current PM (Thaksin)'s goverment, while he was away in New York for an all-world-leader meeting. But it's kinda relieving that when I read the paper today that there was no blood shed during that period. According the paper, the situation are calm and under control and there was no curfew actuallym but no public mob grouping is allowed. Just hoping that Malaysia will stay peace as it is now and forever.

Anyway, it's the time again when all the students are forced to vote for the next's season's student representative council. This year's election will be carried out using e-voting which means that the results can be comfortably altered according to anybody's agenda. I didn't cast my vote because I found not a single candidate did organize a campaign rally. I don't reward those who don't act. The campus was littered with campain flyers and small handouts. This year, the pro-opposition party (WUFI) return to the candidancy after last year's chicken out boicott. Some of us did jokingly called the the terrorist because they do sometimes resemble the terrorist acts and are a furtile place for the opposition party to breed new line of future opposition leader. The pro-government party (REVO) had won some uncontested chairs and sit comfortably in the cradle of government's money. They are aggresive mindless morons who acted like they are backed by a mafia group.The candidates cited their promises and propaganda on their banners and posters, which I so much doubted their honesty. I can safely bet that this year's council will be no better than the last years and the previous years before. Apparently other universities are doing council election too (here).

**note: not real campaign posters :)

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I'm trying to update the look of my blog. It felt so tired. So I experimenting with new things.

It didn't turned out like what I thought it may be. I'll correct it tomorrow.

The CC's connection is so fucking slow, it pisses me off.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006
My Love by Justin Timberlake

This cool jam is from latest Justin Timberlake's solo album, "FutureSex/LoveSounds". I know that sometimes he can be annoying but his wigger jam is too cool to resist. Plus he got to bang Cameron Diaz. Damn!

Mah Love featuring T.I. (click here to listen)

If I wrote you a symphony
Just to say how much you mean to me

what would you do

If I told you you were beautiful
Would you page me on the regular

tell me would you

Well baby I've been around the world
But I aint seen myself another girl

like you

This ring here represents my heart
But there is just one thing I need from you

saying I do

Because, I can see us holding hands
walking on the beach our toes in the sand
I can see us in the country side
sitting in the grass laying side by side
You can be my baby
Gonna make you my lady
Girl you amaze me
Ain't gotta do nothin crazy
See all I want you to do is be my love

My love
My love

And I know no woman that could take your spot

My love
My love
My love

And I know no woman that could take your spot

My love
My loooooooove
My loooove
My loooove

Now If I wrote you a love note
And make you smile with every word I wrote

what would you do

Would that make you wanna change your scene
And wanna be the one in my scene

tell me would you

See what's the point in waiting anymore
Cause girl I've never been more sure

that baby it's you

This ring here represents my heart
And everything that you been waiting for

Just saying I do

Because, I can see us holding hands
Walking on the beach our toes in the sand
I can see us in the country side
Sitting in the grass laying side by side
You can be my baby
Gonna make you my lady
Girl you amaze me
Aint gotta do nothin crazy
See all I want you to do is be my love

My love
My love

And I know no woman that could take your spot my

My love
My love
My love

And I know no woman that could take your spot my

My love
My looooooove
My looooove
My loooooove

[T.I. Raps]
Shorty, cool as a fan
On the new once again
but Still has fans from Peru to Japan
Listen baby, I don't wanna ruin your plan
But if you got a man, try to lose him if you can
Cause your girls real wild throw your hands up high
Wanna come kick it wit a stand up guy
You don't really wanna let the chance go by
Because you ain't been seen wit a man so fly
Friend so fly I can go fly
Private, cause I handle mine
t.i. - Call me candle guy, simply because I am on fire
I hate to have to cancel my vacation so you can't deny
I'm patient, but I ain't gonna try
You don't come, I ain't gonna die
Hold up, what you mean, you can't go why
Me and you boyfriend we ain't no tie
You say you wanna kick it with an ace so high
Baby, you decide that I ain't your guy
Ain't gon lie ,Me in your space
But forget your face, I swear I will
Same mark, same bullet anywhere I chill
Just bring wit me a pair, I will

I can see us holding hands
Walking on the beach our toes in the sand
I can see us in the country side
Sitting in the grass laying side by side
You can be my baby
Gonna make you my lady
Girl you amaze me
Aint gotta do nothin crazy
See all I want you to do is be my love

My love
My love

And I know no woman that could take your spot

My love
My love
My love

And I know no woman that could take your spot

My looooooove
My looooooove
My Looooove


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It's good to be guys

James Dean
Great Reasons To Be A Guy...Phone Conversations are over in 30 seconds flat.A five-day vacation requires only one suitcase.You can open all your own jars.Dry cleaners and hair cutters don't rob you blind.You can go to the bathroom without a support group.You can leave the motel bed unmade.You can kill your own food.You get extra credit for the slightest act of thoughtfulness.Wedding plans take care of themselves.If someone forgets to invite you to something, he or she can still be your friend.Your underwear is $10 for a three-pack.If you are 34 and single, nobody notices.Everything on your face stays its original color.You can quietly enjoy a car ride from the passenger's seat.Three pairs of shoes are more than enough.You don't have to clean if the meter reader is coming.Car mechanics tell you the truth.You can quietly watch a game with your buddy for hours without ever thinking: "He must be mad at me."Gray hair and wrinkles only add character.Wedding dress - $2,000. Tuxedo rental - 75 bucks.You can drop by to see a friend without bringing a little gift.If another guy shows up at the party in the same outfit, you just might become lifelong friends.Your pals will never trap you with: "So, notice anything different?"You are not expected to know the names of more than five colors.You know which way to turn a nut on a bolt.You almost never have strap problems in public.You are unable to see wrinkles in your clothes.The same hairstyle lasts for years, maybe decades.You don't have to shave below your neck.Your belly usually hides your big hips.One wallet and one pair of shoes, one color, all the sane

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Yesterday was a very sleepy day for me. I slept most of the day. I planned to go to the CCAC to get the attendance list for all sections for FA class for level 1 and 2 but it all went down to ashes as I slept like the whole day. I woke up at 3pm because I suppose to play for KL league at the night. We depart at around 6pm and went on playing the game at 7pm. Needless to say, we won the game with 4-2 final score against Enigma team. Wan came and played for us, giving us an advantage in the defence line. After the game, we went for dinner at Amjal Restaurant located opposite the stadium with the bus driver Abg. Bidin. On our way back, he was so engaged with a must be engaging conversation with Ezad, he forgot to switch on the radio. It was ok since everyone of us was tired, so everyone tried to catch 40 winks, but we couldn't. Since the radio was not switch on, the sing-along of lame old malay rock song routine was changed into hillarious chatting about the sissy bitches in our varsity. Man, we rocked the bus.

Positive energy please come to me
Late at night, I went to the CC to update my blog (I slept the whole day remember), and my old Dubai friend, Talal was online. We catch up with our updates. He apparently is in USA doing some course. He promised me to help me with something. Hope blooming...

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Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard

Lamps with that moron

Lamps with Terry the ol' man

With whoevertheyare after winning the Primier league.

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makalele's ukelele

what's with the ukelele?
click picture for story.

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vs Arsenal 0-1

Yesterday was like the D day for all the English Premier League fans. 4 giant football clubs staged a 'kinda' spectacular clash. Since the Chelsea vs Liverpool was scheduled before the Manchester Utd vs ARSEnal game, I watched both games just to kill time.

Lamps with his Barclays 2004/2005 Player of the year award
For the first game, I rooted for Liverpool team just because I thought may the weaker team win the game so it wont get in the way of Manchester Utd to claim the throne of the league. The game started with both teams fielded their best players. Even my farvorite english player, Frank Lampard was playing, eventhough he currently is bashed by the talent-blind English media. They said that Lamps is an old horse and that his bright star is fading and other bullshit about his loss of midas touch. What a worthless load of shit! Eventhough I hate Chelsea with every inch of my body, but I do admire Lamps for his talent. Enough about that, let's us focus about the game. The game was pretty boring really. Both team couldn't really panetrate the opposing team's defence line. However, Drogba manage to score a surprising goal out of blue at 42nd minutes. The score stayed like that to the end.

After the game, Manchester United vs Arsenal game took place, where the room was full of anticipation. Will Man U keep their striking pose at the top of the league, or will Arsenal manage to rise from the smelly trench of bottom league dwellers. The game started with a bang with Arsenal manage to get a penalty but Kuszczack stopped it with class. Personally, I think that Man U played suckly in the game. It seems like everyone lost their way in the field. Rooney and Ronaldo didn't jive in each attack and the middle field movement was close to nothing, no thanks to fragile looking Fletcher. And limping Arsenal players didn't help either. They looked like they were made from china and pussies. And (dang!) Lehmann was smacked right in the face with Ronaldo's powerful ball, and have to receive treatment for that, and the TV keep repeating the incident and it was so funny. However, Man U had to pay dearly for their below the par playing when Adebayor scored the precious goal at the 86th minute. And man do they celebrate!

After the game, I returned to my room with mixed feeling of sad and angry. Whatever, hope that Man U will rise again next game. Till the next game.

Manchester Utd vs Arsenal match report
Match report from Manutd.com
Chelsea vs Liverpool match report

Goal Scorers & Times:
ARSENAL 86' E Adebayor
Half Time Score:
0 - 0
Cautions / Yellow cards:
ARSENAL 5' J Lehmann Yellow Unsporting behaviour
ARSENAL 9' K Toure Yellow Unsporting behaviour
MANCHESTER UNITED 60' W Brown Yellow Unsporting behaviour
MANCHESTER UNITED 71' P Scholes Yellow Unsporting behaviour

ARSENAL 11' Taker: G Silva


Team Line-ups

United: Kuszczak, Neville (c), Ferdinand, Brown, Silvestre (Evra, 24), Fletcher, O’Shea, Scholes (Carrick, 77), Ronaldo, Rooney (Solskjaer, 77), Saha.
Subs not used: Heaton, Vidic.

Arsenal: Lehmann, Eboue, Toure, Djourou, Gallas, Hleb (Baptista, 68), Gilberto Silva (c), Fabregas, Rosicky, Ljungberg, Adebayor (Flamini, 88).
Subs not used: Almunia, Hoyte,Walcott.

Goalscorers: Adebayor (85)

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Saturday, September 16, 2006
Ol' skool

Bring me to life

It must be a reunion day today for me. I bumped into (and intentionally hide) my old mates from my 'previous life'. First I met Kamal, my ex-roomate whom I haven't see in like a year or something. He is a good honest boy, very kampung and not really attracted to the glamours of life in KL. Like me, he is into sports where he played soccer really well. We never really had a fit between us (except for occasionally mood swings). He was like a brother to me, or maybe a twin with me being the evil one. However I somehow manage to stab him in the back (I don't have to spill the reason) and I regretfull of what I've done. He looked healthy, a bit fatter infact, and as I mentioned earlier... very kampung.

Like a few seconds after that I bumped into Oca, my ex-neighbour (he live beside my room, once). We keep a good relationship although sometimes I can't stand him. Sometimes, he choose to be really selfish unbearable fat jerk, but mostly he's cool.

On my way to tren terminal, I saw Amir my classmate. We have something in common, he failed during his initial years of study, while me failed during my final years of studies. He is a cool dude and we agree in almost everything.

I must have met some other old friends, but I can't recall.

On another things. I always thought that my english is good if not perfect. I mean, I understand reading english writings, as I mostly learned english through song lyrics. Today it dawned to me that actually I'm suck at speaking the language. This morning I had to cover for PG first aid class, because he was involved in the course's practical test. Since the class has some international student, so I had to delliver my lectures in english because I didn't want the foreigners to be burdened by second-hand translation from their friends, and after all this is an international university.

When adressing the class, I find it difficult to find the right words and sometimes I stutter like a gibbering idiot. And also I have a problem with pronounciation, because I know sometimes people can't really understand what I am saying because of my mariana trench low voice and I slur like a drunken whore. When I tried to pronounce right-ly, I quicly realize that I may look stupid with exagerration in my mouth movement. I really need a speaking coach.

Right after meeting with Oca I went to the stadium to watch the closing ceremony of intercollege sports carnival. Eventhough I got a gold medal this year (for hockey) I decided to not join the prize giving ceremony because I learned that I didn't matter in the team. So fuck the hell, I don't even care. I watched the marching of the college contigents where I must say that the girls contigents displayed a very 'entertaining' marching, while the boys will be boys (lazy and un-enthusiastic).

I really need to get out of my stagnant life.

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Friday, September 15, 2006
the champs
at last we (me) manage to be the champs of the intercollege hockey game

won 2-1 against Ali

I played without much resistants

clean sheet for the entire game

half heartedly happy

sick bastards!

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The Stars (are blind)
12.38pm. Friday Sept. 15th
I'm at my room, waiting for the clock to strike 1.30pm, reading today's edition of The Star newspaper. Previously I intended to go to the computer lab, but laziness overcomes me.

The Paper.
I started reading the star paper for about 7 years now. Initially I hated the paper, I thought it's a newspaper infested with too much advertisement. Almost ever page was littered with monochromatic and sometimes colour ads. My friend, Ah Seng ( a Chinese-looking Malay boy) started bringing the bulky newspaper to our room and then I started reading them. Soon, I brought them myself and then, I addicted to them (addicted to newspapers, how lame!). The paper is riddled with ads, but the content is getting better and better. It is unbiased, unlike other publication like NST, or Utusan.

Reverse Reader.
Like most other men, I read the paper in reverse manner because the Sports section is located at the back of the paper. However, the section I enjoyed reading most is the Star Two section, where it include good articles about everything under the sun (and occasionally out of the universe). The topic ranging from juicy celebrity updates, to the hottest current issues, to the lame environmental propaganda. At every particular day, there's music, movies and games reviews, which played a pretty big role in my entertainment selection.

At the back of every Star Two edition, there's 2 pages of comic galore. Over the years comic strips come and go, and everytime it never failed to amuse me. These are the list of the current comic strip lists

Garfield by Jim Davis
A world famous fat orange cat with his pet, John.

The Amazing Spiderman by Stan Lee and Larry Leiber
A superhero vs supervillain soap drama

B.C by Johnny Hart
A poignant view of life starring living creature in a desert and rocky place.

Hi and Lois by Mort Walker and Dik Brownie
A family dealings of a mundane family life

Shoe by Jeff MacNelly

The tale of Shoe, an overweight sleepy reporter-bird

Insanity Streak by Tony Lopes

Jabs of alternate reality of life

Bizarro by Dan Piraro

A funny one picture bizarre occurrences of life

Hagar the Horrible by Chris Browne
A Viking who finds invading England is way relaxing then relaxing at home, with his wife.

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill WattersonThe all knowing brat with his imaginary friend, a stuffed tiger, dealing with his surrounding and girls.

Kee's Worlds by C.W. Kee
A funny outlook at Malaysian life

Zits by Jerry Scott and Jim BorgmanA teenager life dealing with his lame parents and unpopular friends.

Pickles by Brian Crane
A sweet old people jokes.

Brenda Starr by June Brigman and Mary Schmich

A lame soap drama featuring a glittering nosy 80's woman.

Close To Home by John McPherson

An ugly cartoon with the funniest message.

The others
Other things that is in the paper are pretty standard, like local and world news. Wars and international politics usually dominate the world news and road accidents and killings oftenly can be found in the local updates. I personally like the photograph section where the colour of life is translated by the vivid picture from around the world.

I will keep reading as long as the paper stay relevant and cost minimally.

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Every Man For Himself

“Count your smiles instead of your tears; Count your courage instead of your fears.”

~ Unknown

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

~ Maya Angelou

“The secret of Happiness is Freedom, and the secret of Freedom, Courage.”

~ Thucydides

“Everything becomes a little bit different as soon as it is spoken out loud”

~ Hermann Hesse

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