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Monday, June 30, 2008
Spain wins EURO '08

In case you are still interested in EURO 08, Spain won their final battle against Germany. Soon to be ex-Liverpool, Fernando Torres scored the only goal. This is their first win since 1964, yadda yadda yadda... whatever

whoopie. *roll eyes*

(more story after link...)

Spain became European champions for the second time after Fernando Torres's first-half goal in Vienna proved enough to defeat Germany in the final of UEFA EURO 2008™.

History an inspiration
Spain had won their only previous piece of silverware in this competition in 1964 and had not been beyond the quarter-finals of any tournament in 24 years, yet Luis Aragonés's men chose to use that history as an inspiration rather than a burden. After a strong start from Germany, seeking a fourth title themselves, Spain were the more dangerous side throughout an entertaining final at the Ernst-Happel-Stadion although it took just one goal – in the 33rd minute, courtesy of Torres's pace, perseverance and unerring finish – to end their long wait.

Ballack boost
Germany received a significant boost before kick-off with captain Michael Ballack included despite a much-publicised calf problem, and, perhaps buoyed by that news, Joachim Löw's team settled quickly. Much had been made of the contrast in style between the sides yet in the opening exchanges it was Germany whose passing looked crisper, Miroslav Klose and Thomas Hitzlsperger failing to make the most of glimpses of goal. Meanwhile Spain, shorn of four-goal leading scorer David Villa due to a thigh injury, struggled to find their feet in a new 4-5-1 formation in which Cesc Fàbregas was rewarded for a fine semi-final display with a starting place.

Instinctive stop
As an indicator of the pattern of the match, however, Germany's bright beginning proved misleading. Spain soon worked their way into the contest, with Germany goalkeeper Jens Lehmann – becoming, at 38, the oldest player to appear in a UEFA European Championship final – forced into action for the first time in the 14th minute. Although his instinctive save came when his own defender, Christoph Metzelder, inadvertently deflected Andrés Iniesta's cross towards his own goal, Xavi Hernández's fine through pass had unpicked the Germany defence and showed the Spanish were finding their feet.

Torres on target
Right-back Sergio Ramos was then allowed to cut inside and deliver a deep cross, Torres peeling away from Per Mertesacker to create space for the header only for the right-hand post to come to Lehmann's rescue. The warning signs were there for Germany, yet they failed to heed them and duly fell behind three minutes past the half-hour. Again Xavi was the architect, playing a pass in behind the Germany back line towards Torres, who outmuscled a hesitant Philipp Lahm and clipped the ball over the diving Lehmann and just inside the far post. David Silva then volleyed over Iniesta's cross when given time and space inside the area as Spain threatened to increase their lead.

Spain openings
Spain had more openings in the early stages of the second half, Lehmann getting the merest of touches to Xavi's low shot before Ramos nearly guided in Silva's drive from the resulting corner. Yet a hint of the threat Germany still posed arrived on the hour, substitute Marcell Jansen and Bastian Schweinsteiger combining for Ballack to shoot centimetres wide. Klose then deflected a Schweinsteiger effort past the post and, in response to Germany's renewed menace, Spain coach Aragonés promptly introduced Xabi Alonso and Santi Cazorla in place of Fàbregas and Silva. The switches reinvigorated Spain instantly, Lehmann making smart stops from Ramos and Iniesta while Torsten Frings blocked another Iniesta effort on the line.

As the final moved into the last 20 minutes, Spain had had seven shots on goal to Germany's one, but with the Mannschaft having turned virtually one in two of their attempts on target into goals en route to the final, that would have been scant consolation to Aragonés and his side. In the event, however, it was Spain who continued to carve out chances as the match reached its conclusion, Marcos Senna narrowly failing to apply the finishing touch to an unselfish header from substitute Daniel Güiza – but the celebrations would not be delayed much longer.

"I wanna make love in this club... in this club"


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The Makeover

Follow the journey of a guy who decided to get a hair makeover for the first time and slowly morphing himself into a narcissistic queen of vain.

(story after link...)

I was struggling whether to write this down or not, oh what the hell.

I think my hair has an identity crisis. When I was small, I have a long straight hair despite my parents' common Asian wavy hair. Then somewhere in my primary school days, I decided (well my parents decided actually) to have a crew cut coz it's less messy and low maintenance. So every month for 10 years I visited my trusty Indian barber (props to Kedai Gunting Krishna) to get my routine haircut. Eventually I got sick of having a super short hair, so I grew it longer than usual, which when I realized that my hair had turned wavy like my parents'. It was also super hard and even harder to maintain. If I was feeling a lil' vain, I would comb my hair for hours, and if I wasn't feeling it, I would let my hair went wild medusa style.

People want what they can't have, and so do I. Sometimes I envied my friends who have long 'luscious' Pantene model worthy hair. Even worse, they make fun of my 'do. I just kept it cool, saying that they're just jealous of my 'fro, which is really a big fad in hip hop community... or so I thought.

I always thought about getting my hair straighten up, but after witnessing my friend's tragic DIY hair straightening result, I backed off. Seriously, they looked just horrible. Plus I thought they looked unnatural and to be honest, ridiculous.

Anyhow, last Saturday, as I was passing an empty hair saloon in Wangsa Maju, I decided to have a hair cut since my unruly hair starting to get really annoying. As I walked in, a Chinese guy greeted me and asked me my intention, and out of the blue, I blurted out, "Straight hair...". Quickly he agreed, and assigned not one, but two hairstylists to me (I guess considering the severity of the hair-cum-monster on my head). It was so damn quick, I had no time to react or rethink about my actions. I sat on the chair for 4 hours for treatments after treatments and washings after washings. A few flat iron sessions later, I was surprised on how long my hair actually was. The chatty and nice hairstylist (and his hot super kawaii assistant who almost burn my scalp with her flat iron) even demonstrated to me that my hair actually can be stretched half of the original length after the hair treatments. The front hair actually covered my face down to the nose level. When the hair covered my face I was a lil' freaked out coz I never have so much hair covering my five foreheads. I kept flicking my hair like them hair models in TV coz seriously, I felt harassed by my hair. I decided to have it trimmed a bit, coz emo hair does not jive well with office work. I'm not in the prostitution industry anyways. So after trimming, my new makeover unveiled, and I was very very happy. I kept my cool by not smiling to wide and acting like I was only half impressed. I know right, I'm a douche. And the bill was like, OMG! (I prefer not to reveal the price of my new hairstyle coz it's absolutely ridiculous - but it worth EVERY cents).

Soon as reach my friend's home (I crashed at Epulz house), I stared at the mirrors and said "You good looking motherfucker!". Haha kidding! I washed it coz the smell of the saloon's shampoo and hair product was too overpowering. Then I styled my hair with every drop of vanity I had in my bone. Damn, I got bangs now!

All in all, I am quite happy with my makeover. I look a lil bit different without that unruly mop on my head, but I think change is good.


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Friday, June 27, 2008
Dragonball movie poster

Yes, it's confirmed that there will be a Dragon Ball movie, which will be in English, with white actors pretending to be kawaii. The movie will come out on 2009. A dude named Justin Chatwin played Son Goku. Apparently he played the lead actor in The Invisible. Yeah, I didn't watch it either. Bulma will be played by the divine Emmy Rossum, that chick from Phantom of The Opera movie. I wonder will she sing in this movie. Chow Yun Fatt will play Master Roshi, probably just to please asian community, since Dragonball is from asia. Wait, CYF's not even Japanese! (more picture after the link...)
The story begins with a young humanoid boy named Goku, who discovers that he was sent to Earth to blend in and destroy our population but instead elects to protect it from an oncoming alien onslaught bent on dominating the universe and controlling the mystical objects. He seeks out upon his adoptive grandfather Grandpa Gohan's dying request to find the great Master Roshi and gather all seven Dragon Balls. Of which he has one, in order to prevent the evil Lord Piccolo from succeeding in his desire to use the Dragon Balls to take over the world. And Goku's quest is to obtain the mystical Dragonballs before Piccolo does
I hope they don't go all 'Batman Begins' with this movie. Trying to humanize Son Goku is like trying to make mickey mouse human. Sadly my fave character Majin Boo is not in the plot. So does Kurin, Bezita and other important characters. Akira Toriyama must be turning in his Japanese grave. All in all, watching this movie surely will bring back fond memories of my childhood (or teenage-hood), where me and my friends were introduced in the fine imaginary world of Dragonball.


p/s: Don't fret if Goku die in the movie. He died and live again like a hundred time in the comic.


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Its funny how words can make or break you. They can make you feel like you are on the top of the world and they can surely can kill you.

First of all, I am very skeptical about this counseling thing. You know, when someone pour their hearts out to a stranger, and then have the deepest secrets dissected and rendered theoretically into bits and pieces of action and consequences equation, with no clear answer offered. It is hard to bare yourself while parading your vulnerability and shortcomings to people we trust, yet alone people we only know professionally or people we barely knew.

Back in the college days, me and my friends were kind of people you don't have any expectation to. We were the laid back fun hunters who enjoy endless laughters and porn entertainments (movies, games, sports... you get my drift). We made fun of each other and then proceed to laugh like a bunch of brainless monkeys. Swell time...

There were times when I was with my friends, I lost my trackings and blurted out my worries. Sometimes I got ridiculed, while most of the time they offered encouragements. And slowly I retracted my creeping tentacles into my own shell and change the spotlight to other person. Auto-mode self defense.

Once, I got this words of encouragement from a friend I didn't expect to get the soothing words from. I don't really know what it was, but his words felt sincere and those words set me free.

Then there was this time when I was really fucked up, and I was just kinda casually tell this old buddy of mine about my trouble. While I expected him to ridicule me like he always used to, he offered encouragements and kind words to me.Instantly I was moved and soothed and my flickering will to live turned into a fiery spirit.

Just this afternoon I received a call from somebody's bigger than me. Somebody really REALLY important, whom I dearly respect and admire. I was down (no news there) and ready to give up, and she was really quick to pick it up. She blew words of strengths with her gentle voice, and it really hit my soft spots. I literally cried like, right there. After a few moments, I gathered myself, and I felt really relieved. She showed me the light I misplaced a long time ago and put things back into perspective.

For a guy who barely speak, I surely poured out everything today. This is like the first time I cry in like years, and I've never been happier. My eyes still swollen red and my nose is still running like a five years olds, but somehow, I feel 'lifted'.

SO to whoever that cared enough to read this thing, just remember to offer your ear for your friends' worries and lend your shoulder to cry on. You have no idea what a great favor it is. And to my dear kakak (you know who you are), I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you my heart has no bottom.

God is great!

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

By the declining day. Lo! man is a state of loss. Save those who believe and do good works, and exhort one another to truth and exhort one another to endurance.


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KLUE Urbanscapes 2008

If you live around KL, don't forget to get cultured by going to the KLUE Urbanscapes 2008 at KLPAC this coming Saturday. My fren, Abby is featured in the photography exhibition (as a part of Digital Malaya Project collection) , so if you're going, do not forget to say hi to her. Cheerio!

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Musical Wedding Speech
I know this is quite gay, but this is a sweet wedding speech.

See more funny videos at CollegeHumor

That amy chick, is hot.

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Maria Sharapova wears Tuxedo for Wimbledon?

Fashion forward tennis player Maria Sharapova ditched her nighty tennis dresses for tuxedo inspired 'shirt' and hot pants for this year's Wimbledon. Although it kinda fierce, but she seems too covered up in the chest area, which is like... umm... how should I put it... ah, nevermind. And I'm not feeling the shorts, it looks like the one that badminton players always wear. Women's badminton is not sexy. But whatever, she's Maria Sharapova, she can wear a potato sack and still look hot. Now, don't lemme start about her moaning...


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Wednesday, June 25, 2008
Jabbawockeez in BET Awards 2008 (with Ne-Yo)

JabbaWockeez was featured in Ne-Yo's performance in BET Awards. I haven't watch it yet, but the other JabbaPhiles who watched it told me that they killed it. No surprise there. Only five Jabbas performed, Rynan, Keibie, Swaggerboy, Cristyles and Punky. I guess since they got big, they have to split it up for the performances. I wonder who will be in the line-up for the Malaysian MTV Asia's gig. How about all 10 of them.

more photos after the link...
(credits to getty images and BET awards webby)

these pictures kinda small... like REALLY small... well better than none

here's the vid for the performance. killed it!

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Name the famous sibling

This fierce bitch reminds me of...

Answers after the link...

Britney Spears


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Hollywood Actress that looks like pet, for the win.

Question: Which Oscar winner actress that looks like this cat?

Answer after the jump...

Cat Blanchett


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G.I Joe the movie

Yesss!!! the G.I Joes are back! In motion picture!
These guys sparked my interest in macho military thingy when I was a lil boy. After Voltron, and the occasional Jem, G.I Joe was my fave cartoon (or animation as kid these days call it).
Channing Tatum stars as Duke, although he's not blonde. The movie also starred Sienna Miller as the Baroness and my favorite Victoria Secret angel, Karolina Kurkova as the Cover Girl. Bet she wont talk much. Her miles long legs will do all the talking. The Cobra Commander will be played by often loser stereotyped Joseph Gordon-Levitt, which is quite peculiar, but it doesn't matter coz Cobra Commander will have to wear a mini black burqa all the time.

for more picture click the link you must...

stormshadow and the baroness


snake eyes





cover girl

the baroness


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Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Madonna Kissing Britney. Old story, I know!

Back then there were so much hoopla over the kissing thing

OK I just want to point out somethings

1. Love the wtf look on Mary J Blinge face. I bet she said "Damn these crazy white people".
2. Avril and Kelly Osborne spotting the emo look. They think they're so bad ass. Well Avril still writes shitty music (she's like so whatever... anyone?) and Kelly Osborne is still fat.
3. Queer Eye For Straight Guys was THE power gays before Ellen takes over.
4. Mya looks like she just got out of shower and her date is a dweeb.
5. Justin reaction was more important than Madonna kissing Cristina Aguilera
6. If you look close enough, you can see Britney's nipples.
7. Britney was a really really hot chick and Christina was the sluttiest back then.
8. Since when Vivica A Fox hooked up with Fiddy cents?
9. Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan before they became really famous and really fucked up.
10. The remix is hot!
11. Why Madonna didn't kiss Missy Elliot? She's not that ugly. OK she might, but at least she don't have to be so racist.


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Janet - That's the way love goes
Classic Janet
OK let play spot
Spot a young J-LO before she got all mega diva and narcissist and everything..
Mama chulo!

Janet - That's the way love goes

Like a moth to a flame
Burned by the fire
My love is blind
Can't you see my desire?
That's the way love goes
Like a moth to a flame
Burned by the fire
My love is blind
Can't you see my desire?

Like a moth to a flame
Burned by the fire
My love is blind
Can't you see my desire
That's the way love goes
Like a moth to a flame
Burned by the fire
That's the way love goes
My love is blind
Can't you see my desire?

Come with me
Don't you worry
I'm gonna make you crazy
I'll give you the time of your life

I'm gonna take you places
You've never been before and
You'll be so happy that you came

Oooooh, I'm gonna take you there
Oo-ooh hoo-ooh oo-ooh
That's the way love goes
That's the way love goes
That's the way love goes
That's the way love goes

Don't mind if I light candles
I like to watch us play and
Baby, I've got on what you like

Come closer
Baby closer
Reach out and feel my body
I'm gonna give you all my love
Ooh sugar don't you hurry
You've got me here all night
Just close your eyes and hold on tight

Ooh baby
Don't stop, don't stop
Go deeper
Baby deeper
You feel so good I'm gonna cry

Oooooh I'm gonna take you there
Oo-ooh hoo-ooh oo-ooh
That's the way love goes
That's the way love goes
That's the way love goes it goes it goes
Oooh that's the way love goes
Reach out and feel my body
That's the way love goes
Dontcha know
That's the way
Like a moth to a flame
Burned by the fire
My love is blind
Can't you see my desire
Like a moth to a flame
Burned by the fire My love is blind
Can't you see my desire?
That's the way love goes
(repeat til song over)

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Bryan "Mr. Robato" Gaynor

Awesome dancer. Nuff said!

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I'm Yours

Currently listening to Jason Mraz's I'm Yours

Currently thinking of sleeping on a beach somewhere unreachable. And killing my fucktard boss. On separate occasion of course.

Wishing you are here.


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Monday, June 23, 2008
jabbawockeez is coming to malaysia!!

omygod! i'm trippin right now! jabbawockeez is coming to malaysia! i just browsed their webby and found out about it in their events page. i'm so going to genting this july 31!!

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EURO '08 is officially over!

OK I gotta get this outta my system. What the hell is wrong with this year's Euro? First England didn't qualify. Then former champ, Greece and France got booted out in first round. And in quarter finals, all, I mean ALL major football camp got kicked out. This year's fave, Portugal lost to Germany, then Croatia missed penalty after penalty which handed the semis ticket to Turkey, and don't forget the BIGGEST shocker, the orange dutchmen went down to the Kremlins! And yesterday, the pattern went on as the undeserving world champ Italy got their ass kicked by the Spaniards. Now we know who's in the finals Spain vs Germany Russia vs Turkey. Euro is a joke!


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See more funny videos at CollegeHumor




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Epulz & D's wedding.

Yesterday, me and my old buddies, Bai and Aseng, went for a road trip to Penang for Epulz's wedding. We did some catching up in the car, where Aseng and Bai showed me their precious babies' pictures. The newly dads were stoked, and the babies look super kawaii. Aseng even told me that I'm his daughter's godfather and he wanted presents! Kiasu much? haha

(more pictures after the link...)

I didn't sleep the previous night because I just couldn't, so I selfishly slept all the way to Penang.I woke up when we were at the Penang Bridge and after some confusing moments, we reached the destination. Before that, we had a lunch at the original D'Kayu Nasi Kandar, whose food is like super delicious but the price is like, above average. I ate anyway coz it's not like we can eat there everyday. After that we went to the resting house, and guess what, I slept again like a dead cow.

Come evening, we departed for the event, which was at Dewan Penyayang, roughly translated as the Love Hall. How aptly named. The decor was amazing, and the three of us was seated in a table meant for 8 people. The bride and groom arrived with their entourage of cute lil' flower bearers and the party officially started. I must say that the bride and groom looked good with Epulz donned the Nehru collared black coat while D wore a beautiful white modern cut laced baju kurung. He was happy when he saw us, and he laughed when I flashed the west-coast sign. Represent!

The dinner was awesome, and the slide show of old photos even shown a naked baby Epulz. Like 2 hours later the party wrapped and we had some photography session where we posed in all fierceness. After wishing the best to the newlyweds and saying thank yous to the host, we headed back to KL which I happily slept all the way home.

So to Epulz and D, I wish you all the best in the world, and may you guys stay happy the rest of your life. Make babies!!!

I just woke up and snappy happy. Penang Bridge.

Aseng and Bai did the quick change in public.

Bride and groom's hobbit flower bearers.

Player no mo!

Altar of love.

Epulz and his mummy.

Pretending to be single. Oy! You guys got baby oledi!

Random midgets in tha hizzle!

I'm the last bachelor standing!

Last picture before I dozed off.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008
Karl Lagerfeld in road safety campaign.

It looks like the new hottest accessory is the yellow safety jacket. Fashion designer extraordinaire Karl Lagerfeld is featured in new French road safety campaign and bitch is fierce! The highway is the new runway. Better work it! The tag line for the campaign is "It's yellow, it's ugly, it doesn't go with anything, but it could save your life." Can I get an Amen! Hopefully the house of Chanel doesn't make those jacket coz it surely will cost a gajjillion dollars just to have the logo stamped on them.

But whatever, I don't wear helmet when rempit-ing, coz it messed up my 'do. Player gotta be slick aight?

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Saturday, June 21, 2008
Boy eaten by family members.

A boy from Czech Rep was saved from his family members who actually ate his flesh. How fucked up is that? And get this, among the family members is his own mom. The boy was chained in his house cellar and his mother skinned him ALIVE. The police freed the boy after a neighbour found about it and report it to the authority. The police also freed a lil girl, but turned out she was a 34 years old cult member. Eventhough the sick woman managed to fled but she was recaptured in Norway posing as a boy. What the world has become?

read the whole story here.

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Hari Jumaat tiba lagi, dan macam biasa hari Jumaat adalah hari yang biasanya baki2 keletihan terkumpul disamping kegumbiraan untuk menyambut hujung minggu yang dinanti. Aku macam biasa memang ngantuk dan letih gila, sebab semalam aku tido pukul 4am buat keje2 aku yang tak pernah surut ni. So aku dah siap2 plan nak ponteng solat jumaat hari ni. Tapi bila aku bukak blog, sorang gadis dari England ni (you know who you are) pesan kat aku untuk sampaikan kat dia pasal khutbah hari ni. Walaupun aku ni agak setan, tapi peluang untuk menambahkan pahala ni tak dapat aku lepaskan. So to Hati Batu, thank you so much sebab mengingatkan aku pasal kewajiban aku.

Anyway, khutbah hari ni sebenarnya mcm sequel daripada khutbah minggu lepas. Still on the theme of ujian ujian Tuhan. Dulu masa aku sekolah ada brother senior aku cakap, kalau doa, jgn mintak supaya Tuhan menguji kita, sebab tak siapa tahu macam mana besar ujian yang akan datang. Aku pikir ada betul gak, tapi aku tak tau pulak hukumnya mcm mana. Anyway, berbaik pada khutbah, imam cakap, dalam keadaan ekonomi dunia sekarang ni, memang agak berat, terutama kepada orang2 miskin. Tapi kita haruslah memandang ujian Tuhan ini secara positif. Ia sebenarnya mengajar kita untuk hidup, dan lebih street wise. Aku dah lupa macam mana bunyi hadis ni, tapi lebih kurang bunyinya macam ni "Tuhan akan menguji hamba2 yang disayangi-Nya". So bila dikita didatangi kesusahan, ingatlah yang Tuhan amat menyayangi kita.

Pada aku, trying times macam ni sebenarnya push kita keluar daripada comfort zone yang menggemukkan kita sebenarnya. Manusia ni biasalah, bila dah terlalu selesa, mulalah naik lemak sekati. Kena uji sikit, melatahnya mengalahkan Joyah Gagap (fictional character I made up). Masa-masa macam ni mengajar kita untuk lebih creative dan sabar menjalani hidup. Ingatlah, every cloud has a silver lining.

So antara step2 yang imam ingatkan kitorang antaranya adalah bijak mengatur perbelanjaan. Meaning buy only the necessities only. Next adalah untuk menabung, mcm sediakan payung untuk hari hujan la. Tapi harus diingatkan, payung tu bukan semestinya untuk diri sendiri je, kalau ada kaum keluarga dan member2 yang sesak, boleh la pinjamkan atau sedekahkan. Baru lah, you can stand under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh. Sememangnya takda benda yang lebih fulfilling other than make other people happy.

Semua yang baik itu datang dari Tuhan, dan yang buruk itu datang dari diri aku sendiri.


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oh HELL to the NO!

After so much awesomeness during the preliminary round, Portugal bowed down to the Germans in the quarter finals match early this morning. I'm heartbroken. This can't be right. Scolari just never win anything right?

Now I shift my support to the Netherlands. Go Oranje!!

Germany progressed to the semi-finals of the UEFA European Championship for the first time since 1996 as goals from Bastian Schweinsteiger, Miroslav Klose and Michael Ballack secured a 3-2 victory over Portugal in Basel.

Heads, you win
The Mannschaft ended up lifting the Henri Delaunay trophy that year and the way they raised their game to meet the challenge of a Portugal side that refused to lie down – halving a two-goal deficit twice through first Nuno Gomes and then, in the dying minutes, Hélder Postiga – augurs well for Joachim Löw's team. By contrast, it was a night when the worst fears of Portugal's Chelsea FC-bound coach Luiz Felipe Scolari were realised, his pre-match nightmares about Germany's aerial superiority materialising in the form of headed goals by Klose and Ballack. Portugal were semi-finalists in 2000 and runners-up in 2004 and Scolari had hoped to take that final step at UEFA EURO 2008™ but his farewell party fell flat at St. Jakob-Park, where Portugal were overpowered by opponents who shrugged aside impressively their occasional first-stage torpor.

Debt paid
With Simão probing down the right, Scolari's men appeared to be finding their stride as they offered the first threat on goal when Bosingwa crossed and João Moutinho, free of his marker but seemingly caught in two minds, steered the ball over at the near post with his knee. Yet in the 22nd minute they fell behind. It was a wonderfully worked goal too, swift passing between Philipp Lahm, Ballack and Lukas Podolski advancing the ball down the left, with Podolski bursting clear to drive in a low cross which Schweinsteiger converted with a sliding finish. Schweinsteiger's coach Löw had told the midfielder he had a "debt" to his team-mates after his red card against Croatia and here, in his first start of the finals, he resembled a man on a mission.

Scoring feat
Scorer of two goals against Portugal at the 2006 FIFA World Cup, Schweinsteiger was the architect of their second here too, drifting a free-kick into the Portugal box which Klose, ghosting clear of the red shirts, headed past Ricardo. Raul Meireles replaced the injured Moutinho and Portugal went in search of a lifeline. It came via captain Nuno Gomes five minutes before the break. Simão's crossfield ball sent Ronaldo racing clear of Per Mertesacker down the inside-left channel and though Jens Lehmann blocked his shot, Gomes was first to the rebound, striking first time into the net via the foot of Christoph Metzelder, defending desperately on the line. It was Gomes's sixth goal on the European stage over three tournaments – a scoring span only achieved by Jürgen Klinsmann, Thierry Henry and Vladimír Šmicer before him.

Tense finish
Ronaldo was a whisker away from an equaliser moments before half-time, flashing the ball past Lehmann yet just wide of the far post. Deco did find the net shortly after the interval but was in an offside position and the little midfielder then flicked on a Simão corner to set up Pepe, only for the defender to nod over. Ballack showed him how it should be done in the 61st minute when – to the displeasure of his future manager – he shrugged off Chelsea FC team-mate Paulo Ferreira and beat Ricardo to another Schweinsteiger free-kick to head home. Scolari sent on Nani and Postiga as Portugal chased the game and the pair combined to ensure a nervy finale when Postiga headed in from Nani's left-wing delivery but the glimmer of hope was soon extinguished.


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Aries Spears does LL, Snoop Dogg, DMX and Jay-Z
See more funny videos at CollegeHumor

Aries Spears did some perfect impersonations of top hip hop dawgs, LL Cool J, Snoop Dogg, DMX and Jay-Z. Not only he did the styles to perfection, he freestyles as well. Dope dope shit. Check it out. Seein is believin.


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Yasmin Ahmad's Singaporean Commercial

Once again, my fave filmmaker, Ms. Yasmin Ahmad did something extra-terrestrially awesome. She directed a commercial about family values for Singapore Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports, and the product is like, off the hook! The series (yes, it will be series of commercials) was initiated by S'pore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong after diggin Yasmin's legendary commercials. And the total fund for the commercials is said to be a whopping S$2 mils. Reppin Malaysians everywhere!

New pro-family advertisement moves away from picture-perfect images

SINGAPORE: Another pro-family advertisement will hit TV screens soon but this time, it won’t be that of a picture-perfect image of a family.

The video will be aired starting June 21 as part of this year's National Family Celebrations.

It's commissioned by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) which has roped in award-winning film-maker from Malaysia, Yasmin Ahmad.

Unlike previous campaigns that usually portray happy parents with two or three kids, this commercial is about a single father who's struggling to raise his only child. Other sequels to this video will feature similar families of other races.

While the image may be different, the message about the importance of family ties is the same.

MCYS said the S$2 million campaign was initiated by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong after watching various advertisements produced by Yasmin.

She may also be engaged to produce another series of commercials on Singapore's multi-racial society.

Richard Tan, Communications and International Relations, MCYS, said: “Typically for any kind of campaign, we try to be politically correct in our portrayal of family. Her (Yasmin’s) way is to take a slice of life that we normally would try to avoid seeing. We feel that using this particular way of communicating may have a greater impact in communicating with the younger people and even the family about the importance of family. - CNA/vm
Ms. Yasmin herself send sum luv to me in the comment. REPRESENT!

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Thursday, June 19, 2008
Khalid Boulahrouz lost his daughter

Holland defender Khalid Boulahrouz lost his pre-maturely born daughter, but he's keeping his place to play against the Russian in the Euro '08 quarter finals.
Khalid Boulahrouz has told Netherlands coach Marco van Basten he is available to play in Saturday's UEFA EURO 2008™ quarter-final against Russia despite the death of his baby daughter, who was born prematurely on Wednesday.

Keep on fighting!
'Really hard'
"I understand that it is really hard for Khalid and we will have to support him as best we can," said Van Basten. "Still, our focus has to be on Russia and that is what Khalid also wants." The 26-year-old Boulahrouz, an ever-present so far in the Oranje defence, has been with his wife Sabia at a hospital in Lausanne, where she was taken after suffering complications with her pregnancy. He will have freedom to leave the Dutch camp as and when he chooses, explained Van Basten, who said: "He is always allowed to go and visit his wife."

Hiddink reunion
Looking ahead to the quarter-final meeting with a Russia team led by former Netherlands coach Guus Hiddink, Van Basten said: "I really find it nice for Guus. After a bit of a difficult start, Russia have started to play very well during this tournament. They are an attack-minded team, with technically skilled players." That said, Van Basten acknowledges that his side are favourites, adding: "I think this group can handle that."

By the way, my fave team Portugal will face the Germans tonight. Although Portugal is better on the paper but shit can happen in football. Keeping my finger crossed.

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Every Man For Himself

“Count your smiles instead of your tears; Count your courage instead of your fears.”

~ Unknown

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

~ Maya Angelou

“The secret of Happiness is Freedom, and the secret of Freedom, Courage.”

~ Thucydides

“Everything becomes a little bit different as soon as it is spoken out loud”

~ Hermann Hesse

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