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Monday, July 31, 2006
Money Boy

Money boy in Malaysian term refers to a group of young male who offer others sex service for cash. From what I heard, Money boy (MB) has been here for a long time. The boys varied with age, from early secondary students to 20 something young adult. They have a simple modus operandi, hanging at a certain place at night, and the sex starve customers will come in their cars or bike. After reaching a mutual agreement, the boy will disappear in the car and mostly they'll camp out at any cheap hotel or at their residents.

I have a close encounter with a group of MB a couple of days ago. Me and my friends were cruising the KL area to get some night air. Feeling numb of nothing to do, a frind of mine (the driver) suggested to go to Jurrasic Park-a place that sound fammiliar yet I don't know where. We reached there in minutes later. The area was dimly light, with cars parked and some man loitering around. "That's the Money Boy." my friend told me.

Most of them I think is about 18-25 years old. They dressed casually, trying to look cool or something.One thing paculiar about this event is, none of the custoner are women. Every one of them a man. One boy, whom noticed that we were like watching them, kinda lift up his shirt to expose his abdomen. Its kinda giving preview of 'what will you get if you hire me'. So, my stupid friend kinda stopped his car and called the MB. From a far, he look ok, but up close, he looked like a drug addict. We asked him several question. Heck, he even asked us for a cigarette. After like 10 minutes, we tried to look kinda uninterested, say goodbye to the MB, and speeding off, laughing!

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Sunday, July 30, 2006
First time teacher
There should be a friendly at 8pm but I have to pass because of my commitment for the first aid class. I tried to be punctual for my first class but the rainy day made my head sleepy. I woke at 7.30pm and after a prolonged toilet business, I found myself rushing to the class. Abg. Salihin, my class trainer sms-ed me, telling that I have to handle the class first as he will be late for the evening. What the hell? What am I suppose to do? He told me to conduct an introduction to the course and doing the ice-fucking-breaking session. As I reached the venue, I was seriously panicked after finding that the class is fucking locked. Thankfully a very demure and piety girl with a giant tudung had the initiative to find the lock from a 'janitor' who was too lazy sitting on his lazy ass in his office. I started the class with introduction of myself, some bullshit about the class, what they have to expect, bla bla bla. Ans Kidin, an ARC comrade is in the class too, making my life a fucking miserable. I tried to keep my cool, and Salihin eventually showed up. What a relief.

As I was sitting in front of the class, I tried to be as cool as possible since some of the girls are quite 'fuckable'. Although it felt like forever, I must say that Salihin is quite a speaker. He manage to pull people's attention with his witty jokes and sometimes bland seriousness. And I was doing my best to look cool (hell, shit yeah!)

The tense class finally over, and on my way to the room I called Abe, and found out that the fucker was at Pudu, on his way home. Shit, what am I suppose to do tonight? Then I remembered that the friendly is still probably on, so I headed to the turf. The team manage to whip the sorry ass of the Felda players 4-0. After that me and Aji hit some balss until we bored, and I joined the group for the post-game bullshits. And I was introduced to the new players as the super-senior who make everyone laugh-how true!

Upon arriving at my crib, my love called me. We talked about nothing (I was so bored, I almost sleep with handphone still dangling over my ear). After that I sms-ed Burnash, talk about nothing, again, until I think I made him made by my remarks and he stop replying. WTF? Then I fell asleep.

At 6 something, my girlfriend called me, to wake me up to be precise, but I continued sleeping until 7am when my handphone alarm blared those ear peircing ringing. After shower, I went straight to the class, the same venue as yesterday, and guess what, the room is still goddamn locked. The janitor was not in his stupid office, so I had to find another venue. After I found one, Abg.Rofizi (PG) told me to buy some marker pen as he forgot to bring one. Like a slave, I get my ass to the kiosk but the shop was still closed. Before returning to the class, I get myself a drink first before taking a long detour to the class. The class seems longer than yesterday's, and PG was quite boring, and I almost fell asleep right there, in front of the class. I used my strategy as yesterday, to look somewhat cool and mysterious - yeah right!

2 long hours later the class ended, and I went straight back to my room to catch 40 winks. It turned out to be a 6 hours 40 winks, and after prayer, I catched another 40 fucking winks. I woke up, thinking what the hell to do, and then I called Zam, and decided to stay there for the rest of the weekend. After maghrib, I went for dinner and the indeonesian makcik charged me $4.50 for a bowl of mee hoon soup, which is fucking pricey!

I went to Zam's at 8.30pm by train and arrived there finding he has some other visitors, some pre-pubecent kids trying too be older. The Akademi Fantasia was on, but I did not really watch it as the show kinda gay. Later I followed him to pick his friends at Marriot Hotel. Before that I heard some people quarelling outside. I think it's kinda big, because the high-pitched woman voice screaming and shouting bloody murder. That bitch can scream! After picking his friend, we went to Bukit Bintang for a drink and the here we are at the cyber cafe, in the gay-infested area. Cool. Not.

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Friday, July 28, 2006

I found my wallet was empty, and decided to withdraw same cash at the ATM, only to find a long queue trailing the corridor. The loan season has arrived. It is the time for students to enjoy temporary life of a rich kids, where they will spent their money like there's no tomorrow on new stuffs. After a fucking 30 minutes of waiting, I manage to withdrew my cash and headed to HS cafe to have mutton as lunch, but it was sold out, and I picked chicken, and the service was shit, and I get irritated, and my drink was too much it spills everywhere, and I get angry, and the food taste like shit and I feeling like running amok - but I just let it accumulate deep down for another more suitable moment. After I had lunch, I was 'hollered' by Eimang, sitting with two other girls. He asked me to accompany him for the lunch, which I told him that I had had lucnh a few seconds ago. After much persuation, and the fact that I have not see this sucker for a long time, I agreed. We talked about updates of ourselves. That he has a brother just enrolled here, and his father is in Indonesia so he has to cancel all his plan - the Tahan hiking, the squid fishing; so he can assist his brother to register, bla bla bla. Later his girlfriend called to remind him for the HIV test, which is a new regulation for new couples before they can fuck each other legally. They are marrying in September. We cut short our conversation, and as we parted I whish him good luck for not failing the HIV test. Haha.

The training was as usual, but I must admit that I lost focus. I let go several goals, and I think that Ayap is getting better. I injured my left shulderblade; I overstreched it when I tried to reach a stuck ball on the fence. It hurts like hell. Then the free hitting came and this time I manage stop Ibrahim's hard hitting ball utilizing my unprotected right lower hip, which felt like a bullet just pass through it. I mean, seriously at first it felt like a hot sensation in which seconds later turned into a bloody pain. I proceed my training like a limped one-legged bitch, trying to save the day.

I went to shower, only to discover the black and blue marks on my hip, which still sore like hell. And after that I went to Abe's room. On the way there I called my girlfriend, where she was on her way to her Soca society meeting. I ended the conversation with a promise that I'll call her again later at night (which I didnot) when I reached Abe's. He was showing off his new Levi's and black Bonia pants he just brought at Jaya Jusco this evening. His loan money is surprisingly appear in his account although he shouldn't received it anymore. Lucky bastard. Then we watch Bleach anime in his new removable 40GB harddisk, and went to dinner at 10pm at SImpang with Anas.

There we met Din and his 6 other BMI collegues who were on their way to Bekelah waterfall. Abe passed him a 'flying sheet' with ropes and all. Actually me and Abe were quite seduced on the idea of joining them, but after re-evaluating our commitments this weekends - me and my class, Abe wants to return home; we have to make peace of the thought of letting it go. There'll always be another time. Later we return, and I watched some clips of cool things in Abe's new harddisk like magic clips (Chris Angel, David Blaine), funny video, music videos and others. Abe tried his best to concentrate on his Professional Practice paper he'll be having tomorrow. Later we ate at Highway at 5am where I met Mamang and his friends. One thing though, I think its kinda peculiar that I met many old friends yesterday, Mamang, Pikor, Mahmud and just now Wani. Anyway I slept at 6 and woke up by Azam at 1.30pm which was very late and I do not want to miss the Friday prayer.

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Thursday, July 27, 2006
I just call to say I love you
Last 2 days ago, I received a missed called from home. I was at shower at the time. Soon as I discover the missed call, I was worried. Did something bad happened? Or did certain letter received? Usually my mother do not call me unless it's an emergency, and I do not call home unless I wanted some money (!). About 10 minutes later, the phone rang again, and it's my mom. I ask her what's up? I was relieved that she just call to say hi. Aww.. how sweet. I was moved actually to hear my mom's voice. Let me just say it's been a while since I last hear her voice. I totally miss my family very much.

Yesterday was quite an ok training day for me. The coach lined up 6 rows of cones, and then 6 players will drible the ball around the cones and hit simultenously to goal, where I was guarding. I was able to clear almost of the ball, and sometimes I clear all the ball. A stray ball hit me on my stomach which awfully hurt like hell, but I just keep my cool. Sha'ban and Paan was at the field, which pumped me up-somebody witness my greatness (yeah, right!).
After maghrib, I went to Abe's and the stupid fucker wasn't there. So I just went to the bed and slept early. This morning the weather is cold, catalizing my laziness to get out of bed. After much hardness I succesfully showered (in cold water), dressed and get my ass to the department. Before I went to the lab, I stopped by at CCAC to collect some letters Mahyar asked me to get. It's the list of students in my class, a total of about 50 students. The class will start this Friday and Saturday.

Dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
DOntcha wich your girlfriend was freak like me?

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006
Yesterday must be THE off day for me. I totally sucked at hockey. I can not focus, I cannot move, I cannot do shit. Even Ayap played better than me. Unlike the other day, Coach started the training with a game, where I suckly let a goal in, the coach proceed with 3 on 3 game, which I was totalled.

After Isyak, I have nothing to do, so I went to Abe's room. I was greeted by his Afgan roomie saying (in wrecked english) the fucker just left his room for about 5 minutes ago. So I replied (in a totalled english) that I'm taking something mine from his room(which I was not). I opened his computer and decided to watch a DVD movie. There are many movies in the drawer, but since I've watched most of them, I took "Elizabethtown", and played it in the computer.

Elizabethtown, starred Orlando Bloom as Drew Baylor. Bloom is one pretty motherfucker. He's even prettier than Siti Nurhaliza and Erra Fazira, ...combined! He played Drew Baylor, who was the big time shoe designer until he caused the company to lose about a billion dollar when he designed a 'revolutionary' shoe that shaped like a manta ray. Devastated, he decided to kill himself (in a very creative way, I must say) until one call from his sister which started this whole chain of event. His dad, Mitch died in Elizabethtown, Kentucky and he has to return to his mother's.

Since his mother is in the state of shock and, she had something like bad argument with the other side of the family, as the oldest son, Drew has to go to claim his father's body and cloth him in his farvorite blue suit. In the flight, where he was alone, he met a bumbling idiot, Claire (played by Kirsten Dunst) an air crew. Bitch can't shut up. She even drew Drew the map to Elizabethtown so he won't get lost. Remember 60B!

Drew get lost. But somehow he manage to get his pretty ass to the E-town, where all the residents greet him like he is a national hero. It's kinda beautiful and surreal I must say. At his uncle's house (where his Dad died), he met his cousin Jessie, a never-made-it drummer, and his hell bound son. He also met the whole 'other side' of the family, who are warm, loud and celebrate-life kinda people.

Back at the hotel where he stayed, he was placed in a room between wedding campers of 'Chuck and Cindy'. Feeling bored he tried to call everyone. His mother is crazy (she want to learn tap dancing), his girlfriend break up with him, and his sister is still devastated by her father's death. He later called Claire, where he talked all night long and they agreed to meet halfway to each other's to witness the sunrise. The relationship blossoming, keeping in mind that Claire has a boyfriend, a slave of education (or something) Ben. However the day that they fuck each other has arrived, and Drew has to tell the truth to Claire, and Claire doesn't care, and they kinda break-up.

On the funeral day, after everybody else finished reading their funny eulogy, Drew's mother went up to pay his husband the last respect, and later burst into a tap-dancing galore where it left a warm and sweet aftertaste. Jessie is back with his band Ruckus, and sang Lynyrd Skynyrd's Free Bird, where the giant dove finale turned into a fire mishaps. Claire who is a stewardess helped to put the panicly fun funeral party into order. She later give Dres a box, which she said not to open until he want to return to Oregon.

When he opened the box, he was presented by a road trip guide back to Oregon, with map, notes, accompanying music and all. He sprinkled his father's ashes in places along the way, talk to the maroon urn, enjoy a beer with Russ until he reaced the '2nd largest farmers market in the world' where he has the choice to go on to Oregon or find Claire. Surprise, surprise, he went to hunt Claire. And the fuck happily ever after.

I know what I bargain for when I decided to load the dvd into the cd tray. It'll be mellow, it'll be melancolic and it'll be romantic. Since this movie is directed by Cameron Crowe, expect a variety of great music like his previous works (Vanity Fair, Almost Famous). The story is good, the acting is ok and the picture is beautiful. Despite cutting for just a mere $26 million, it is a rich movie. The only problem I think is the pretty leading actor. However having said that, I can't of think any other actor who can play Drew other than Bloom. A good watch in a sunny, quiet weekend afternoon.

**fucking crap! I tried to load some of the Elizabethtown pictures here but it just won't come out!

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Sultan Pahang

Smalam aku masuk cc tapi susah giler nak masuk dalam blogger. So, aku just check emails and whatnot. Aku smalam tak buat pape pun. Petang turun training. Coach smalam suruh si Wan dan rakan-rakan veteran lain test aku. Smalam aku jadi lembab sikit. Masa mula-mula main tu ade gak budak-budak ni test goal, pastu si Conan budak baru pukul bola kena lengan aku. Aku tak perasan pun dia nak pukul, tak alih-alih rasa sakit. Nasib baik ada pad lengan, kalo tak mesti lagi sakit giler. Masa mula-mula tu tak rasa sakit sangat, tapi pagi tadi sampai sekarang rasa sengal makin kuat.

Hari ni dalam berita kecoh pasal half-sister of Sultan Pahang kena tikam sampai mati dengan anak dia sendiri. Masa tu anak dia tengan high designer drug. Ntah ice ke, ecstacy ke ape ke aku pun tak pasti. Sultan Pahang memang sedih giler. Sultan Ahmad Shah ni memang baik giler. SUltan berjiwa rakyat. Main bola pun power. Dulu masa aku sekolah kat Pekan tu, slalu gak jemput budak-budak sekolah baca Yasin atau berbuka kat Istana Pekan. Masa sembahyang Jumaat pun dia slalu ada, dapatlah aku bersalam dengan Tuanku. Pernah sekali tu, masa tu kitorang baru balik sembahyang Jumaat, nak lintas jalan. Lepas tu konvoi Sultan Pahang (tuanku drive sendiri kereta dia kat depan sekali) tiba. So, kitorang pun berhenti la, nak bagi Sultan lalu dulu. Tiba-tiba tuanku pulak yang berhenti, signalling us untuk lintas dulu. Aku masa tu kat depan sekali. Memang nampak jelas tuanku yang drive kereta tu. Kitorang lambai, tuanku lambai balik. Memang respect kat tuanku! Apapun, takziah buat Sultan dan keluarga.

Berita lain pulak, pelakon Hani Mohsin mati di Terminal Subang. Dengar-dengar pasal sakit jantung. Aku pun tak minat sangat dia ni, saje je letak sini, buat penambah ruang blogging aku.
Lepas ni plan aku nak jumpa lecturer. Hope everything will be allright.

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Lihatlah kekosongan di dalam dadaku....

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Semalam aku tido pukul 4. Tak larat aku nak tunggu pukul 6-7. Then malam pukul 11.30 aku terbangun sebab Abe datang bilik buat bising macam bilik sendiri. Lepastu aku tido balik, bangun pukul 7.30 pagi... Dan sekarang aku kat comp. lab. have no shit to do...

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Sunday, July 23, 2006
Tak tido lagi.
Aku tak tido lagi. Malam tadi memang takleh tido. So aku bertekad nak berjaga sampai lebih kurang pukul 4 atau lepas Asar baru aku tido. Nanti aku punya masa tido boleh la shift kepada masa yang normal. Almost 24 hour without sleep. Aku dah rasa lemah dan agak jumpy. Belum makan lagi.
Ok la aku nak blah sekarang...

come sleep with my baby!

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Aku tengah lepak-lepak kat CC... Antara benda menarik aku jumpa...

Gamba kat atas tu adalah petikan dari video clips Hoobastank, If I Were You. Kat situ ada tertulis nama Allah. Aku rasa buku tu adalah kitab Bible kot.

Ni pulak masa aku baca berita hollywood. Sekali aku terpandang poll kat sebelah tu. Siti punya hits nombor 7 dalam dunia hari ni. Ni mesti kes dia nak kawin dengan Datuk K ni. Appara Siti kawin dengan orang tua. Abis orang muda macam I ni nak kawin dengan sapa?


Sorila beb, ini hari gua malas sikit...
nak edit gamba pun malas..

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Saturday, July 22, 2006
First friendly di season baru.
Aku bangun macam biasa, lambat. Sebenarnya aku dah terbangun pagi, tapi memandangkan aku takde mende nak buat, so aku sambung tido balik. Aku bangun dalam pukul 1p.m. Mandi dan iron baju melayu aku. Aku pi solat Jumaat dengan Azam naik moto dia. Abis sembahyang aku keluarkan duit kat ATM, jumpa Apek. Lepas kuar duit aku pi kedai Kak Yam. Mami Jarum sikit - smalam masa mandi aku jumpa Sha'ban, dia cakap dia dah angau ngan sepupu Kak Yam. Nama dia Nabiha, cun gak orangnya, tinggi. Amat sesuai dangan aku. Aku pun sms la kat Yati pasal Sha'ban tu. Yati cakap dia dah tau, siap si Sha'ban tu offer nak trade abang dia untuk Nabiha. Tapi Yati cakap si Nabiha tu dah ada balak. Of course la, budak cun macam tu memang cepat je kena sambar.

Berbalik pada kedai Kak Yam (ingat Kak Yam, ingat mami jarum), aku sebenarnya sebelum tu, kuar-kuar je dari masjid jumpa si Abe. Dia ajak aku lepak kat kedai Kak Yam, sebab 'bini' dia si Yati tu jaga hari ni. Tup-tup sampai-sampai je kat kedai Kak Yam tu, dah ditutup. Si Abe cakap dia baru je lepak kat situ sebelum solat. Lalu kami pun balik la ke bilik. Aku terus pi makan. Si Abe suruh belikan air. Lepas makan aku beli air, minum separuh dan pi naik bilik Abe. Sekali dia nak kuar pi tengok Pirate of the Carrebean; Dead Man's Chest ngan Yati. Babi betul! Buat penat je aku naik.

Lepas tu aku pi lab. Aku main computer lama sikit sebab petang ni aku takde trainning. Coach cakap hari tu malam ni dia nak buat friendly. So save tenaga la sikit untuk malam ni. Aku balik dah petang, lepak-lepak jap, terus siap-siap baju bawak dalam stick case. Aku cadang ingat nak solat kat masjid (yang lama aku tak kunjungi itu) and then terus pi padang hoki (sebab game khabarnya start pukul 8 SHARP!). Aku sampai padang dalam pukul 8.02 dan sekoq haram jadah pun takde lagi kat situ! Spotlight pun belum pasang lagi. Aku bukak satu spotlight and then terus salin baju.

Aku dah lama tak main game, so naturally aku jadi nervous giler. Memang dah menjadi macam ritual aku, sebelum apa-apa game aku tak nak suka-suka. Sebab aku macam percaya (dan emamng terjadi) kalau aku suka dulu, lepastu akan berduka lah aku jawabnyer. And so, vice versa. Lepas salin baju aku terus buat warm-up sorang-sorang. Dalam 10 minit lepas tu budak-budak datang nak try aku.

Dalam pukul 9 game start. Kitorang lawan team staff rupa-rupanya. Aku kena jadi 1st keeper. Team staff pulak Zain yang jaga. Team staff ni memang boleh makan, tapi ada 1 player Ol' Skool yang teramat lah power. Beliau yang saya maksudkan adalah En. Bakaruddin (atau Abg. Burn). Dia ni Pak Guard cawangan traffic kat sini. Memang otai. Badan kecik gak, tapi punya lah laju. Kalau dia hit pulak, aku yang pakai full pad ni pun masih rasa gentarnya. Punyalah kuat! Dia ni satu team dengan Abg. Mat dulu main Malaysia and Tentera.

Masa game tu, aku yang bolos dulu. Yang scorenye saper lagi kalo bukan Abg Burn. Tapi team aku dapat me'level' kan gol hasil jaringan ntah sapa ntah. 2nd half, Mat Zain tukar dengan Ayap. Belum pun game abis 10 minit, si Ayap dah bolos 4 gol. Ape kebenda? Aku pulak lepak jer. Tak dicabar langsung. So aku pun offerla diri aku untuk bertukar team. Walaupun nampak tindakan aku ni macam teramatlah cocky, tapi sumpah bukan itu maksud aku. Anyway, team aku berjaya jugak menjaringkan gol hasil pukulan sudut penalty (short corner) si Lipan. Aku pulak bolos lagi 2 gol. Tak pelah, defender aku pun budak-budak baru. Nak marah lebih-lebih kang merajuk plak, lepas ni taknak main hoki dah. Lepas game, kitorang main penalty shot plak. Si Ayap ni power la pulak masa jaga penalty. Aku memang akui aku punya reflex teramatlah lembab! Abis game, aku isap rokok ngan si Razi. DIa cakap Huzek dah 'grad' awal. Dia kini belajar jurusan Architecture di UITM. Semoga ko berjaya Huzek.

Aku tak plan pape untuk weekend ni. Ntah la nak buat ape.


~Kem,Tapa,Long,Huzek,Razi @Bikit Jalil (Masum 05)

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Friday, July 21, 2006
Aku dan goggle earth
Aku sekarang kat Lab computer. Sajer-sajer je check email and whatnot. Then aku tengok kat PC ni ada Google Earth. Aku pun bukak la... Mula-mula aku cari of course la rumah aku kat Kulai tuh. Tapi resolution tak boleh nak tinggi lagi. So aku just amik gambar kawasan Kulai-Senai jer. Kalau tak boleh la tengok ape mak aku tengah buat...

Kawasan rumah aku dah dekat ngan bandar Kulai. Tapi aku tau apa yang korang tertanya-tanya tu kan, nak tanya rumah Mawi. Ok la, rumah Mawi kat Felda Taib Andak, yang sebenarnya terletak agak jauh dari bandar Kulai. Aku rasa lebih ke barat dari Kulai kot.

So sekarang ni mari kita lihat kedudukan UIA dari udara pulak...
Ok, ini adalah pandangan bird eye view dari satelit. Memang dari jaun dah boleh nampak UIA sebab bumbungnya nan biru-biru 'keADILan' gitu (aku tak campur politik ok). Sekarang korang boleh paham la perasaan aku bila terpaksa berjalan dari bilik ke kuliyyah and then ke bilik balik, lepastu ke padang hoki dan balik.

OK sekarang ni aku kat Department of Biotech kat lab computer. Tempatnya aku tandakan seperti kat rajah sebelah. Kalau ada nak bom, sudi-sudikanlah.

Anak panah itu menunjukkan the exact location of my bunk. Kat tengah tengah tu padang futsal, tempat beruk-beruk memekik sampai ke tengah malam.

Ini pulak adalah padang turf hoki kesayangan ku. Kalo korang rajin gunalah Goggle Earth petang-petang sikit dan tengok kat sini, mana tau boleh nampak aku main ke.. Yang warna biru tu pulak ialah swimming pool sister. Kalau nak mengendap guna satelit, usha la kat sini. Heheh!

Aku rasa macam freaky la pulak menda ni. Cuba fikirkan kalo orang asing atau mahluk asing nak attack kita, senang-senang je dia tau tang mana nak bom, tang mana nak attack. Nauzubillah... Papepun benda ni fun jugak, tapi kalo magnifying dia lagi power, lagi best! Bole la usha keadaan di rumahke, keadaan aweks-aweks ke, bole le tau kat mana member-member kita berdating-datingan....heheheh

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Thursday, July 20, 2006


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Kes Jatuh Masjid:Update
Nothing interesting... same ol' same ol'. Tadi aku bukak email account aku, terperanjat ada 84 new mails. Aper giler? Skali aku bukak rupa-rupanya org bagi comment kat blog ni. Aku memang dah set kalo ade orang yang bagi comment mail terus kat aku punya email. Tapi yang bagi comment tu bukannya orang betul pun. Tengok macam computer jer.

Smalam turun trening hoki walau pun dah lambat giler. Mula-mula ingat malas nak turun sebab dalam pukul 5 tu hujan. Ye la dah lama tak hujan, sekarang ni pun jerebu agak tebal. Tapi dalam 30 minit lepas tu hujan berenti pulak. So aku pun turun. Training dan main macam biasa, cuma aku rasa prestasi aku makin menurun.

Balik aku pow rokok 'saad' Azam. Lepas tu dia offer nak beli tak rokok Marlboro $5 (biasa $7) dari Philiphines. Aku ok jer. Dia cakap member dia yang jual. Aku amik sekotak. Tapi rasa dia agak keras macam rokok Dunhill. Malam tu aku makan kat Cafe Ali, jumpa dengan di Hadi Indon(atau nama manjanya Ngentot - romen dalam bahasa Indon). Makan skali ngan another Indon. Masa diorang borak aku tak paham langsung apa diorang cakap. Pokoknya, mereka bukan bercakap seperti dalam Malim Kundang dong! Lain sekalik sih!

Anyway, cerita pasal budak jatuh kat masjid tu timbul. Rupa-rupanya budak tu jatuh dari menara masjui yang tingginya lebih kurang 20 meter. Dia naik kat atas tu untuk amik gambar kenang-kenangan. Sekali terjatuh! Budak cerita masa dia jatuh tu, terpelanting 3 kali bila terjatuh atas bumbung-bumbung dah halangan-halangan yang lain. Tu yang orang cakap mayat dia agak bersepai tuh. Dan menurut sumber-sumber, jenazahnya agak sukar untuk dihantar kembali ke America sebab beliau gagal untuk melapor diri di Kedutaan Amerika di Kuala Lumpur (ayat ala-ala Buletin Utama). Dah ajal, nak wat camne.

Pemandangan masjid di waktu malam. Indah kan? Tapi aku sembahyang Jumaat je kat sini. Heheh

Malam pulak aku layan jap citer Stepford Wives, yang agak layan tapi psyco sikit. Yang tak puas hatinya ader beruk 2 ekor yang duduk kat blakang aku boleh mengulas cerita tu. Aku rasa macam nak belasah jer. Anyway, malam sket aku lepak ngan Ane dan Minog kat Mapley Ali. Borak ntahhapahapa ntah. Diorang ajak aku pi Air Terjun Bekelah ('be-ker-lah' bukan 'ber-kay-lah') 11 Ogos ni, tapi aku masa tu ada kelas First Aid. Diorang suruh aku ajar budak-budak baru pasal First Aid, sebab program ARC lepas ni dah kena ada module. Chet! Macam bagus jer. Anyway aku tak bagi kata putus lagi. Tengok la dulu camner... Anyway, untuk gambar-gambar aku pi Bekelah sebelum ini click here

Pemandangan Air Terjun Bekelah

Balik Kuang!

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006
Bunuh diri, terbunuh atau terjatuh?
Smalam adalah satu lagi hari tak berguna bagi aku. Bangun lambat. Lepas lepak-lepak kat lab, aku balik untuk bersiap-siap pi training hoki. Ini hari aku pi trening awal sikit sebab Azam bagi aku pinjam motor dia. Dia cakap dia pakai motor member dia. Macam smalam aku malas giler nak trening. But, at least aku dapat pakai pad keeper aku. Sisters pun ramai yang turun. Aku main dengan Wan, Epul, Wan library ngan Janggut. Kira macam test keeper la tu. Lepas tu Coach buat game, 5 on 5. Mula-mula aku masuk geng budak-budak baru, lawan geng-geng 2nd year yang agak star-star. Aku bolos 2. Chett! Lepastu tukar geng pulak, main geng staff pulak, kali ni takde bolos. Lepas tu geng budak-budak baru campu geng staff. Takde bolos lagi. Tapi overall aku rasa hari ni aku main macam sial sikit.

Balik lepak-lepak jap, lepas tu mandi, solat and pegi makan. Then, after that aku pi CC, ingat nak cari HTML codes, main punya main dah 4 jam. Balik-balik Azam dah ada. Aku borak-borak la dengan dia. Dia cakap ada budak bunuh diri kat masjid. Isk, aku terkejut! Biar betul? Dia cakap budak foreigner. Tapi dia tau cam tu je la. Borak punya borak, awek aku tepon pulak. Dia cakap dia baru balik meeting dengan Soca student society. Aku citerla pasal budak bunuh diri tu, dia pun terperanjat. Dalam 20 minit lepastu kitorang berenti, sebab aku ngan dia dua-dua dah ngantuk. Tapi malam tu pukul 3 lebih gak aku tido.

Aku tersedar pukul 10 pagi tapi mals giler nak bangun. Si Azam siap kejutkan aku. Aku sambung tido balik. Pukul 1 lebih baru aku bangun. Siap-siap lepastu pu makan kat cafe Siddiq, and then pi kuarkan duit. Lepastu aku pi office CCAC, untuk amik surat yang aku janji ngan Mahyar nak amik dari hari Isnin lagi. Aku kena jadi assistant trainer untuk First Aid level 1 punya kelas. Jena jaga kelas Abg. Solihin (Friday 8 to 10 pm) and Abg. Rofizi (Saturday 8 to 10 am). Ok la, kalau paying rates sama, insya-Allah aku boleh dapat lebih kurang RM 3000 hujung sem ni. Muahahaha! Lepas tu aku tanya pasal budak bunuh diri tu, dia cakap bukan bunuh diri, tapi terjatuh. Budak USA umur baru 15 tahun, tengah follow summer camp. Masa tu dengan dia ada 5 orang kat atas tu. Budak tu mati, sebab menurut Mahyar banyak tulang-tulang dia yang bersepai. Oh, macam tu ke? Patut la masa balik dari withdraw money tu aku nampak van jenazah lalu.

Ok la, aku nak cari codes untuk buat to do list.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006
What the fuck are you looking at?

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Reunion Orang-Orang Lama di Malinja
Aku sebenarnya tengah tidur tadi. Tiba-tiba pintu bilikku di ketuk oleh brengset mana ntah. Walaupun aku malas, tapi aku gagahi jugak membuka pintu itu. Ler... si syaitan Sha'ban rupanya! Tersengih dengan braces nyer dan kepala berbalut (sebab dia jatuh basikal petang tadi, badan calar-calar gak,nasib baik gigi tak patah, kalo tak membazir jer pakai braces). Oleh kerana aku tengah lalok aku macam dengar dia nak pinjam something, tapi aku tak tau amender. Lepas tu aku try la nak tidur balik, tapi tak dapat. Sialan punya Sha'ban!

Aku bangun dan teringat baju-baju aku dah seminggu tak basuh. Baju sukan aku hari tu ingat nak pakai balik, tetapi sekali cium, Ya Rabbi, bau punya la tengik. So aku kumpulkan semua baju dan headed to the laundry place. Masukkan $2, lepastu lepak kat CC.

Petang tadi aku macam malas nak turun training. Lenguh sana sini. Tapi aku gagahi jugak walaupun dah agak lewat iba di padang hoki. Tengok-tengok budak-budaks dah dtart training. Mau tak berlari aku pi store tukar pad keeper. Dalam store/changing room, si Ayap dah siap pakai pad keeper, pakai pad aku pulak tu. Nasib baik ada pad lagi satu. Pad Saufi. So, aku pun pakai, walau pun aku tak gemar sangat ngan pad ni sebab it's too bulky. Susah aku nak gerak. Siap pakai pad, aku buat warm-up jap. Faisal, ex-team mate aku pun ada, dengan Wan dan Zahar skali. Lepas tu Coach bahagika budak budak kepada 2 team. Aku nampaknya diletakkan di dalam golongan first eleven punya team. Yang lebih, sebanyak 14 orang tu masuk team yag lagi satu. Lepastu lawan. Aku rasa kitorang menang, walaupun aku bolos satu, Faisal yang score.

Abis game, si Razi ada buat briefing sikit pasal KL League, aku malas nak dengar sebab aku dah senior..hehehe. Balik tu Faisal ajak makan. So lepas mandi dan solat maghrib, aku, Faisal, Wan, Epul, Zahar & awek, pi makan kat Malinja. Ni kira reunion orang-orang lama la ni. Punya la ramai orang. Lepas beratur lebih kurang 10 minit, baru dapat makan. Aku makan nasi lemak double ngan ayam. Nasi lemak kat sini memang sedap. Waitress dia pun ketat-ketat beb! Tapi sekarang macam dah kurang sikit. Dulu lagi ramai. Kat situ kitorang borak-borak, update pasal masing-masing. Zahar cakap dia macam nak berenti keje sebab keje kat putrajaya tu gaji kecik giler. $600 je, ade ke patut. Si Wan keje kat alumni. Dia cakap gaji dia sebulan tak masuk sebab kakak clerk tu salh masukkan no.account dia. Tadi baru dapat satu cek berpalang. Dia ada citer gak pasal ada sorang minah ni from work nak usha dia. Chett! Pasal kawin pulak dia tak jadi kawin tahun ni. Padahal konek dah gatal. Hakaka. Si Epul plak, yang jadi counsellor kat sini cakap mungkin dalam tahun ni dia nak kawin dengan tunang Kelantan dia. Tapi dia konpius nak kawin bulan baper. Budak-budak ni cadang kat dia kawin bulan 9 jer. Si Faisal pulak keje kat Astro sebagai customer sevice. Dia citer la yang dia dah tak heran tengok artis-artis malaysia ni lagi, sebab kat situ dah naik muak tengok muka diorang. Borak punya borak, si Adam datang dengan Razi, siap pow rokok aku lagi tuh! Lepas tu dalam pukul 11 kitorang blah.

atas: Kem, Pidak
tengah:Faisal, Zahar, Tapa, P-E, Joe, Zul
bawah: Wan
@Masum 05

Ok la kawan-kawan aku chow dulu.

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Monday, July 17, 2006
Perempuan makan perempuan

Aku tengah cari codes, then SUhairi YM aku. Dia suruh bukak ni...http://purefren.net/pureland/viewSi.htm So aku bukak la. Ia menunjukkan beberapa budak perempuan sedang membuli/membelasah sorang lagi budak perempuan. Siap ada bogel-bogel lagi. Sebenarnya ni bukan kali pertama aku tengok benda-benda macam ni. Dah banyak kali. Lepas tu sekarang semua sibuk-sibuk pasal kes lelaki pukul perempuan.

Ni aku nak tanya sikit. Kalau lelaki jahat wajib dipukul. Kalau perempuan jahat, kenapa tak pukul? Kata perempuan nak kesama-rataan dengan kaum lelaki.

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ANother Quiz
You Are Iceman

You tried to live a normal life, but it just wasn't possible
A bit of a slacker, you rather tell jokes than cultivate your powers

Powers: turning self and others into ice, making ice weapons, becoming nearly invisible

Your Deadly Sins
Greed: 60%
Sloth: 40%
Envy: 0%
Gluttony: 0%
Lust: 0%
Pride: 0%
Wrath: 0%
Chance You'll Go to Hell: 14%
You'll die in a shuttle crash, on your way to your resort on the moon.

Your Power Color Is Indigo

At Your Highest:

You are on a fast track to success - and others believe in you.

At Your Lowest:

You require a lot of attention and praise.

In Love:

You see people as how you want them to be, not as how they are.

How You're Attractive:

You're dramatic flair makes others see you as mysterious and romantic.

Your Eternal Question:

"Does This Work Into My Future Plans?"

Your 2006 Summer Anthem Is

Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield

"No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins"

Your Birthdate: January 17

You tend to find yourself lucky - both in business and in life.
And while being wealthy is nice, you enjoy sharing your abundance with others.
You put your luck to good use: you are very ambitious and goal oriented.
Often times, you get over excited and take on more than you can manage.

Your strength: Your ability to make your own luck

Your weakness: Thinking you can do it all

Your power color: Bronze

Your power symbol: Half Moon

Your power month: August

You Are Wind

Strong and overpowering
A force to be reckoned with, no one dares cross you
You have the power to change everything around you

You are best known for: your wrath

Your dominant state: commanding

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Pon @ Metro
Aku kat lab computer ni. Baru YM Shawal. Shawal tau pun masa dia bangun (tengahhari). Buyip dah tau malam lagi, tapi dia diam jer. Diorang pun tak pegi funeral Pon. Lepas tu Shawal citer Adie check dalam internet, jumpa berita tu dalam web harian metro.

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Hari ni aku bangun awal la jugak, memandangkan smalam aku tidur amat lambat dalam pukul 4 lebih agaknya. Si Azam pagi-pagi dah kemas bilik. Dia bangun awal sebab dia dah tido dari tengah hari semalam. Dengan pasang vacuum nyer, mana bisa tidur dong! Aku bangun, mandi and then pegi sarapan kat cafe Sidiq. Aku teingat yang rokok aku dah abis, so aku decide pi LRT Gombak, beli Marlboro dan paper skali.

Balik bilik Azam ada lagi kat situ. Borak sikit-sikit ngan dia pasal recruit baru Suksis, ala macam polis simpanan la. Lepas tu aku solat Zohor dan memandangkan takde keje lagi nak buat, aku tido.Hari ni aku mimpi yang teramatlah scary and pelik. So scary, I still can even recount it now. Yang aku ingat aku ngan member-member nak makan pizza. Lepas tu masa kat depan kedai pizza tu, ada anjing bulldog yang besarnya macam anjing rotweiler menghampiri aku. Aku jadi cuak giler. Semua orang yang ada kat sekeliling aku pun freeze, tak nak buat sudden move. Aku masa tu dah cuak nak mampus, redha je la dengan apa rang berlaku. Then, I felt that the dog somehow bite my nuts. Not visious bite but more like a suck-bite. It felt like someone had grab and pulled my nuts. Aku rasa benda ni macam betul betul real, sebab aku rasa senak. Anyway, aku berjaya lepaskan diri dari anjing tu dan berjaya bunuh dia dengan menghentak muka anjing tu kat cermin pintu.

Apa yang misterius nya, adakah aku telah dimolest ketika aku masih tidur. Aku sebenarnya dah dua tiga kali di'sentuh' masa aku tidur. Tang aku ingat masa aku form 5, aku terjaga dari tidur sebab aku rasa ada benda yang merayap kat private part aku. Mula-mula aku biar jer, lepastu bila makin menjadi-jadi aku bangunla untuk tengok apekebendanya yang mengganggu lenaku ini. Rupa-rupanya ada junior aku tengah baring kat celah kaki aku. Bila dia sedar aku terjaga, terus dia blah. Aku yang masih dalam keadaan lalok, tidur balik kerana tidur itu nikmat. Esoknya aku tak confront budak tu, sebab aku taknak make a big deal out of it. Yang terbaru aku kena kacau adalah pada sem lepas. Mada tu hari Jumaat. Malam sebelumnya aku tidur lambat. So, masa aku tidur tu aku terasa macam ada benda yang bermain dengan 'adik' aku. Ye la, bangun tidur mesti la stim kan? Aku pulak masa tu tidur pakai short je. Aku masa tu tengah lalok-lalok gak, tapi aku bukak mata sikit and nampak ada tangan yang tengah tapping 'adik' aku. Aku terus pusingkan badan, dan aku dengar budak yang sentuh aku tu lari lintang pukang. Lepas tu aku mandi dan pegi sembahyang jumaat. Tapi masa tu semacam ada sick feeling in my stomach.

Itulah antara pengalaman aku di molest masa tidur. Diorang ni pengecut, amik curi-curi. Kalau nak, mintak. Aku bole bagi!

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Sunday, July 16, 2006
The Princess and I

Ok sekarang aku nak citer pasal awek aku. Memandangkan aku tak pernah citer pasa sesapa macam mana aku jumpa dengan awek aku ni, jadi aku rasa ini adalah peluang aku untuk straight out the facts. Begini ceritanya...

Tarikh hari tu adalah 4 December 2004 dan aku masa tu tengah lepak kat rumah member aku. Masa tu aku baru nak tido, tiba-tiba aku dapat satu sms. Nombor aku tak kenal tapi, benda yang dia bagi tu macam berbaur cintan-cintun. Senang-senang cakap, benda tu "cute messages" la. Mula-mula aku buat bodo jer. Kat dalam kepala aku cuma ada 2 benda jer... A) budak-budak nak buat prank kat aku; atau B) orang salah hantar.

Esoknya datang lagi 1 sms, antara ayat yang aku ingat lagi adalah, "...for someone who I feel good to think, but I can't see...". Aku jadi sikit marah sebab aku rasa orang yang buat prank ni dah melampau. Jadi aku terus call dia, tapi dia tak angkat. Aku pegi public phone, kali ni dia angkat tapi dia tak jawab bila aku tanya. Aku hang-up. Lepas tu dia hantar mesej, dia cakap sori dia tak jawab, dan dia cakap dia secret admirer aku. Pehh.. aku dah ada stalker. Perasaan aku berbelah bahagi. Sikit suka, sikit tak percaya. Muka macam aku ni layak ke dapat stalker.

Hari-hari seterusnya aku agak rajin call dia. Suara dia memang sedap di dengar. Lembut jer dengar. Sejuk telinga. Aku tanya la macam mana dia kenal aku? Dia jawab dia kenal aku sebab dia selalu tengok masa aku training hoki. Padang hoki memang terletak kat sebelah kolej sister, kolej Maryam. Lepas tu dia tanya aku macam mana dia bole dapat nombor aku. Yang tu dia tak nak jawab. Dia rupa-rupanya budak 2nd year Human Science: Sociology( atau budak UIA panggil course Soca). Asal dari Sungai Petani.

Perhubungan kitorang terus menjadi lepas tu. Hari jadi dia pada 7 Jan and hari jadi aku 10 hari lepas tu. Kebetulan duit PTPTN baru masuk, aku bagi beg tangan merah kat dia. Tu la first present aku bagi kat dia. Then masa hari jadi aku, dia bagi wallet Polo yang aku pakai sampai sekarang. Yang peliknya masa aku nak bagi hadia tu dia cakap dia belum sedia nak bersua muka dengan aku. Aku kompius, aku yang buruk ke, dia yang tak cukup sifat. Tapi aku steady jer. Aku letak present tu kat pagar, lepas tu member dia amik. Aku mencari-cari jugak sapa sebenarnya yang pass nombor aku kat dia. Suspect nombor 1 aku adalah budak-budak hoki dari kolej Maryam. Izzah dan rakan-rakan. Ada satu masa tu si Azura Ombak ada cakap ada budak kirim salam kat aku. Suspect berubah pulak, takkan la si Ombak yang bagi nombor tu sedangkan dia bukan budak Maryam ataupun Soca. Bila aku tanya (1-2 minggu lepas tu) si Ombak cakap budak yang kirim salam tu player state Selangor. Aikk orang lain pulak? Tapi aku tetap tegar mencari siapakah identiti stalker tersebut.

Rasanya agak lama gak aku ada affair dengan dia sebelum dia setuju untuk berdating buat kali pertamanya. Aku dah nekad, walau buruk macammana pun dia ni, hitam ke, bantut ke, berjerawat ke, aku tetap terima. Tapi kawan-kawan, ramalanku salah belaka. Aweks yang sedang menunggu aku di HS cafe itu adalah seorang gadis yang teramatlah cun nyer. Kulit dia putih kemerah-merahan sebab lama menunggu aku di panas terik. Aku pun apa lagi, meningkatkan kuasa control macho aku ke tahap yang maksimum. Oleh kerana terlalu control macho itulah, lidah aku macam tersimpul mati. Tapi dalam hati aku begitu gumbira tak terkata. Lepas tu kitorang keep on macam biasa. Kadang-kadang jumpa kat HS cafe, kadang-kadang tu dia temankan aku trening bila aku training sorang-sorang. Satu yang aku kureng paham, dia ni malu untuk berjumpa dengan member-member hoki atau Adventure club aku. Mungkin dia belum sedia kot.

Menjelang finals dan cuti semester, hubungan kitorang jadi tawar sikit. Kitorang dah tak selalu sangat contact sebab mungkin masing-masing busy buat preparation final exam. Nak call guna handphone mahal la plak sebab masa tu aku guna Celcom, dia guna Maxis. Aku kan kedekut sikit. Hubungan semakin renggang masa kitorang cuti. Aku tak amik short sem, dan aku balik ke Muar duduk ngan Nya'ie (nenek) aku. Kat situ line memang susah nak dapat, kalo ada pun malam je. Dia ada la call aku tapi aku tak penah call dia. Public phone jauh..malas..hehe.

Sem baru menjelma, aku macam dah jarang call dia, sebab dia pun jarang call aku. Lagipun aku dah ada affair baru ngan staff kat lab. Budak ni dari Kota Tinggi, cun pulak tu. Staff-staff lain pun memang ada menaruh hati kat dia ni (siap ada yang send lagu "Menanti Sebuah Jawaban") tapi dia ni yang muda dari aku 2 tahun, buat derk jer. Tapi kitorang paham hubungan ni macam main-main jer, sebab dia dah ada bf dan aku dah ada gf. Ni kita 'teman tapi mesra' la. Aku tiap-tiap hari hantar budak ni balik, dan beberapa kali dikantoikan oleh budak-budak Biotech dan staff-staff lain. Kitotang pun slalu berborak, dia banyak gak ceritakkan masalah dia kat aku. Aku pun pura-pura dengar...zzzz

7 Januari menjelang lagi. Aku belikan awek aku ni teddy bear biru, ngan sim card DIGI yang nombornya lebih kurang sama dengan no DIGI aku. Tapi masa aku nak bagi tu, dia ada kat rumah pulak. So, lebih kurang seminggu lepas tu, aku bagi la hadiah tu kat dia melalui kawan dia. Konon nak bagi surprise kat dia. Tau-tau malam tu aku call member dia cakap dia menangis. Aku cakap apehal plak? Aku call dia. Lepas tu dia cakap dia ingat aku ngan dia dah putus sebab aku lama tak contact dia. Lepas tu aku ngan dia bergaduh besar la jugak. Dalam ketiadaan aku, dia rupanya dah di approach oleh orang lain. Aku cakap aku tak pernah lepaskan dia. Masa tu lah dia cakap yang dia betul-betul sayangkan aku. Aku pun terperanjat sebab takde orang yang penah caka dia sayangkan aku selain keluarga aku.

Memandangkan 'line' aku dah nak kena potong, aku fight habis-habisan. Last-last kan kawan-kawan, dia pilih aku jugak sebab dia cakap dalam hati dia cuma ada aku (dan Tuhan). Aku rasa aku dah menang! Tapi kali ni aku berjanji takkan sia-siakan dia lagi. So aku cuba sepenuh hati aku untuk menghabiskan masa aku untuk dia. Ada sekali tu kawan-kawan dia 3 orang 'attack' aku. Diorang cakapla macam mana dia punya sayang kat aku. Dan diorang citer macam mana dia boleh kenal aku. Haha..pecah lobang! Bagini ceritanya...

Dia kenal aku masa ada even Inter-Mahallah Hockey Games (macam inter-college la). Masa tu aku jadi lebih kurang macam coach diorang la. Budak ni main untuk college Maryam. Tapi masa tu aku memang tak ingat muka dia. Sebab aku bila coach, memang ajar sama rata. Anyway Maryam masuk sampai final. Lepas tu dia ni beriya-iya cari macam mana nak reach aku. Ada player budak pompuan yang last-last bagi nombor ni kat dia(aku lupa nama dia-damn!). Member-member dia cerita, punyalah dia suka bila dapat nombor aku ni. Tapi dia amik masa gak nak initiate call tu sebab dia nak 'kumpul segala kekuatan' (aku quote).

So sekarang ni aku masih bercouple ngan dia. Kadang-kadang tu ada gak gaduh, ada gak aku makan hati dengan perangai dia, tapi aku tetap sayangkan dia. I love you Putri.

**Sebarang kesalahan dalam cerita ini adalah tidak disengajakan. Sori Putri...

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Saturday, July 15, 2006
where'd you go?
It's almost 11.31pm and I have no idea on what the hell to do. Obviously I still can't get over the passing of Pon. I know life has to go on. Heck, he was even not my best friend. But I feel bad. I feel just like a WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT. I just can't deal well with death. Somehow, I selfishly think that its not fair. I need to cheer up. I need to get busy living. Get busy living or get busy dying.

Artist : Fort Minor
Album : The Rising Tied
Title : Where'd You Go

Where'd you go?
I miss you so
Seems like it's been forever
That you've been gone.

She said "Some days I feel like shit
Some days I wanna quitand just be normal for a bit
I don't understand why you have to always be gone,
I get along but the trips always feel so long,
And, I find myself tryna stay by the phone,
'Cause your voice always helps me when I feel so alone,
But I feel like an idiot, workin' my day around the call,
But when I pick up I don't have much to say,
So, I want you to know it's a little fucked up,
That I'm stuck here waitin', at times debatin',
Tellin' you that I've had it with you and your career,
Me and the rest of the family here singing Where'd you go?"

I miss you so
Seems like it's been forever
That you've been gone.
Where'd you go?
I miss you so
Seems like it's been forever
That you've been gone
Please come back home...

You know the place where you used to live
Used to barbeque up burgers and ribs
Used to have a little party every Hallowe'en with candy by the pile
But nowyou only stop by every once in a while
ShitI find myself just fillin' my time
Anything to keep the thought of you from my mind
I'm doin' fineI plan to keep it that way
You can call me if you find you have somethin' to say
And I'll tell youI want you to know it's a little fucked up
That I'm stuck here waitin'at times debatin'
Tellin' you that I've had it with you and your career
Me and the rest of the family here singing "Where'd you go?"

I miss you so
Seems like it's been forever
That you've been gone.
Where'd you go?
I miss you so
Seems like it's been forever
That you've been gone
Please come back home...

I want you to know it's a little fucked up
That I'm stuck here waitin'no longer debatin'
Tired of sittin' and hatin' and makin' these excuses
For while you're not aroundand feeling so useless
It seems one thing has been true all along
You don't really know what you got 'til it's gone
I guess I've had it with you and your career
When you come back I won't be here and you'll can sing it...

Where'd you go?
I miss you so
Seems like it's been forever
That you've been gone.
Where'd you go?
I miss you so
Seems like it's been forever
That you've been gone
Please come back home...
Please come back home...
Please come back home...
Please come back home...
Please come back home...

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"Pon dah meniggal..."
Smlam lepas kuar dari cc, aku balik bilik. Tengah lepak-lepak baca majlah Starz, si Azam datang. Dia ni main ragbi, dan kadang-kadang main hoki jadi keeper. Dia ckap dia duduk bilik ni. So aku cakap compartment kat depan tu kosong, duduk la kat situh. Lepas tu aku borak- borak ngan Azam. Dah boring borak-borak aku pi bilik Abe. Tengok-tengok doa tengah layan Shawshank Redemption, movie yang aku ngan dia dah berapa juta kali tengok. Dia sekarang duduk ngan foreigner Afgan 2 orang, patut la buka movie suara pelan je. Kalo tak nak pecah gegendang telinga! Abis tengok movie, aku tengok pulak gambar-gambar diorang pi Gunung Tahan hari tu. Jeles pulak aku tak pegi. Aku nak berehat dari naik-naik gunung ni. It is taking too much of my time. Lepas tu aku ngan dia pi kuar makan kat Highway, dan aku terpaksa bayar sebab dia takde duit. Tak kisah, nanti bayar double including riba'. Abis makan aku tido.

Aku bangun pukul lebih kurang pukul 4.16 petang. Lepas tu aku mandi, and pi makan. Beli paper the Malay Mail skali sebab berita-berita kat situ cambest jer. Abis baca teringat pulak aku nak kuarkan duit. "Mintak-mintak mak dah masukkan duit..." getus hatiku (ewah!). Dalam pejalanan nak pegi ATM tu, aku jumpa ngan Naim.

Pon, dan rakan-rakan masa jamuan makan Engin.

Dia cakap kat aku Pon dah meninggal. Aku tekejut beruk masa tu. Innalillahi Wainnailaihi Roji'un... Lepas tu aku try call Oca, tak dapat. Aku call Poji pulak, dia angkat. Aku tanya kat dia pasal arwah. Dia cakap, arwah meninggal accident semalam (14/7) kat Chini, Pekan Pahang. Dia baru je amik mayat Pon kat Hospital Pekan dan sekarang budak-budak lain dah blah. Dia dah ada kat Kuantan. Aku tak boleh nak tanya lebih-lebih sebab credit aku pun dah tinggal seciput. Lepas luarkan duit, aku call Boboy pulak pasal arwah. Dia ada kat rumah, and dia tak tau lagi.

Pon jenis yang baik dengan suma orang. Terrer main bola, dan kuat jamming. Dia ni perangainya lebih kurang macam seniman gak la. Dulu slalu gak lepak kat billik aku, sebab ada Poji dan Budi. Pon ngan Budi ni sepupu ke sedara... lebih kurang camtu la. Kalo jumpa kena cakap longat utara, sebab diorang ni suma orang utara.

Pon ni rajin gak naik gunung. Yang kanan skali tu Abe.

Pon bersama pasukan Super CM, pasukan yang agak otai dalam liga engin suatu masa dahulu.

Aku tak penah terfikir dia pergi dulu. Infact aku tak penah ter-imagine yang ada antara kitorang yang pegi dulu. So bila berita ni sampai kat aku, aku amat terkejut. Tapi nak buat camna. Yang pergi tetap pergi jua. Sebagai member, cuma doa saje yang mampu dikirimkan.

Saiful Adzli

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Friday, July 14, 2006
Mami dan papi jarum.
Hmm... hari ni aku bangun pukul 1pm. Nasib baik tak telajak semayang Jumaat. Abis mandi si Amar cakap ada orang letak password kat computer dia. Walaupun aku orang yang last skali guna computer dia tapi aku tak letak password. Aku agak mungkin virus terbaru kot. Mana tau ia sama hebat macam virus Brontok yang menyerang komputer-komputer di sini sem lepas. On the way pi masjid aku singgah jap kat HS cafe, beli air milo ais sebab tekak aku kering giler. Lepas tu aku lepak kat kedai Kak Yam, tapi yang ada kat situ cuma Shida dengan Sha'ban. Shida bagitau kat aku yang Sha'ban citer, sebenornya Siti bukannya nak kawin dengan Datuk K, tapi nak kawin dengan Fazley. Aku sebenornya dah lama tau citer ni, Mak Su aku yang bagitau masa aku balik Muor dulu. Wah wah sekang ni si Sha'ban dah pandai jadi mami jarum. Tapi induk mami jarum sebenar adalah KAK YAM sebenarnya ye kawan-kawan. Kalau nak dapatkan cerita-cerita terhangat, mengenai rakan-rakan seperjuangan mahupun selebriti-selebriti tempatan, silalah rujuk mami jarum professionl kita ni yer. Hari tu dia bagitau, sebab Erra bercerai ngan Yusri adalah disebabkan Erra kantoikan si Yusri tengan 'main' dengan Adam AF2. Hmmm.. patut la...

Anyway lepastu ku pi semayang Jumaat. Harini khutbah dalam bahasa arab ngan english. Tapi aku tengok khatib pak arab ni, beriya-iya bagi khutbah. Macam bersyarah. Aku layan je lah, walaupun aku paham bahasa arab seciput jer. Kalo katib local ni, layu je dengar. Syaitan pun siap main tarzan-tarzan kat kelopak mataku yang dihiasi bulu-buluan mata yang lentik ini. Abis semayang aku borak ngan Farid, member sekolah aku kat Shahpekan. Dia citer si Yuslina dah kwin ngan budak engin gak tapi si bangla (nama timangan Farid) ni tak tau nama budak tu. Dawood (atau Kader) kena kawin paksa oleh mak dia masa dia balik ke India haritu. So, terpaksa la dia kawin, tapi bila balik Malaya, bini dia tinggal kat India. How so? Aku pulak menambah citer yang aku jumpa Syed Khalid dah ada anak.

Lepas semayang aku tak makan, sebab aku takde selera. Aku terus pi student affairs, ingat nak check schedule untuk kelas tapi takde la pulak. Last-last aku pi lab, main internet. Petang lepas Asar, aku pi padang hoki. Punya la jauh aku menapak, sekali takde budak langsung kat situ. Sialan. Memandangkan aku dah jalan jauh,nak patah balik rasa macam membuang tenaga, so aku pun buat la streching sikit-sikit lepas tu jogging 5 round. Punya la semput aku nak menghabiskan 5 round tu, almaklumlah, lama tak main, badan dah naik lemak. Lepastu aku main pukul-pukul bola, then dalam 6.30pm barula si sapek datang. Dia cakap budak-budak ni tengok game MHL. Patutlah! Dalam pukul 7 aku tumpang Apek balik. Baju aku dah basah lencun dengan peluh, so aku tak berani duduk bersandar sebab ni bukan keta Apek tapi keta awek dia. Kalo keta Apek, aku berak kencing dalam tu.

Sampai bilik, aku mandi, solat and lepas tu makan ngan Amar keling. Masa makan dia ada ngadu kat aku yang dia tak puad hati sebab Minog cakap dia kena dismiss sebab Amar. Aku diamkan je, sebab aku taknak menyebelahi sape-sape. Dia tengah sibuk-sibuk cuci bju sebab esok budak-budak ARC nak pegi air terjun Tanggar. Aku plak tak boleh pegi sebab hari Ahad aku ada meeting ngan trainers untuk First Aid course.

Dah lama aku kat cc ni. Ok la aku nak lepak bilik Abe (atau nama manjanya 'Babi'), nak tengok mana tau dia ada dvd terbaru. Bole aku layan.

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Obviously I had too much fun in the internet. Aku ada jumpa satu site ni, buat quiz bodo-bodo. Mari tengok apa keputusannya. (**Sorila nama aku buang.Privacy beb!)

Your Sexiest Feature

Created by iamcool and taken 280871 times on Bzoink

Your Sex MachineLegs

Create a Quizlet Search Quizlets Go to Bzoink

Lerr... seksi rupanya kaki aku ni. Lain kali aku nak pakai skirt je la!

Whats Your Theme Song?

Created by christina0120 and taken 168545 times on Bzoink

Favorite Color?
What Do You Love To Do?
Fav. Sport?
Your Happy ____ Of The Time
Your Perfect Theme Song Is...Don't Cha by Pussycat Dolls

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Nasib baik lagu ni aku minat. Tapi ada input yang salah tu...kaler feveret aku bukan merah, dan aku tak suka membeli belah.

how cute are you????? take it!!!

Created by l4auren8 and taken 66727 times on Bzoink

wear make up:
how cute you really are
how many people think your cute109707
how many people hate you cuz your so darn cute20169263

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Hmmm... aku memang tak kiyut pun.

Your Stripper Name!

Created by two-dollars and taken 58142 times on Bzoink

Favourite Colour
Your Stripper Name is...Bob Sahangin
Your Specially...Blow Jobs
How much the customers love you...
You will retire at age...73

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Hahahaha... blow job? eww...

A short story about you

Created by shinikami and taken 225762 times on Bzoink

Current time
Current weather
One day, you were walking down the street whenyou saw a girl and a guy making out.
And so youasked if you could join in.
But then,got slapped.
And it turned out to bea bad experience.
So now youare in jail.

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Dan sekarang aku tengah join Michael Scofield untuk lari dari Fox River.

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Every Man For Himself

“Count your smiles instead of your tears; Count your courage instead of your fears.”

~ Unknown

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

~ Maya Angelou

“The secret of Happiness is Freedom, and the secret of Freedom, Courage.”

~ Thucydides

“Everything becomes a little bit different as soon as it is spoken out loud”

~ Hermann Hesse

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